Wednesday, August 10, 2011


A Spanish X-ian!

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths

image003     It was crowded at the Kotel. The fast was almost over, and it was very thirsty out. A tourist walked right by who did not look Jewish, but I asked him anyway.

      “No,” he said. He spoke Spanish, but his English was also very good. He was from Spain, but he had been living in San Francisco for a long time. He was about to move on when he said to me, “I am not Jewish, but my mother is Jewish.”

     Sometimes tourists will say they have a Jewish relative to show that they somehow belong at the Kotel, so you really have to check. “How do you know that your mother is Jewish?” I asked.

     “She told me so,” he said.

     “Was her mother Jewish?” I asked.

     He didn’t know. “Did she convert to Judaism?” I asked.

     He said, “She told me many times that she was always a Jew. My father is Spanish catholic, but my mother always said that she was a Jew. I was raised a catholic.”

     “Did she say that she was a Murano?” (Crypto Jews who claim ancestry back to the time when they pretended to convert to avoid expulsion)

     “She told me that she was a Jew. It was known in my family,” he said.

     Since he was so sure, I took what he said to be true. I explained that Jews are a people, not a religion, and that the people go according to the mother just as they always had. He doubted what I said, but he had read the Bible many times, albeit the x-ian translation, so it was easy to show him where the Bible explains about maternal lineage.

     “If the mother is Jewish, the children are Jewish. It doesn’t matter what the father is. Remember Sarah and Avraham had a son named Yitzchok, who was a Jew, and Avraham and Hagar had a son named Yishmael, who was an Arab.”

     That was enough to convince him, so the rest was easy. He was excited to put on tefillin, but I had to explain to him what they were. Then came the interesting part. I asked him what his catholic teachers had taught him about the devil.

     “Is G-d in the heart of the devil?” I asked.

     “NO!” was his quick and strong response.

     “Then they taught you that the catholic god is limited. If he is not in the devil, he is not everywhere.” His face froze. I didn’t let up; I asked him if G-d was infinite.

     He said that He is. “So He has to be everywhere,” I told him. Then I asked him if yashka was in the grave on the fourth day.

     He said that he was not. “No, he rose up to Heaven,” he said, as if this myth was a well-known, proven, historical fact.

     “Then he isn’t everywhere!” I told him. “G-d is infinite. G-d is everywhere. Yashka is not everywhere. You said that he was not in the grave, so he is not infinite. Don’t worship him.”

     At first his face froze… then it fell... then he smiled. He understood what I said. His whole life turned around in a minute. He didn’t want to leave. He wanted to hear more and more how the catholic religion is idolatry. I gave him the name of a rabbi in his neighborhood, and I told him that he had to study with this rabbi so he could sort everything out.

     Where will he end up? I have no idea. I assume that his mother told him the truth and that she really is a Jew. If so, the door is open for him to come home. What he thought was going to be a visit to a “x-ian historical site” turned out to be a life-changing discovery. His life turned right-side up.

     I wished him a “Happy birthday.”


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  2. More Jews have been tortured and murdered in yashka’s name than any other name in history. He is worshipped as a god, and it is forbidden to even say his name. The teachings attributed to him contradict the Torah, and in fact are idolatrous, and no matter how many nice things are attributed to him, they do not remove the evil of the idolatry. These are just a few of the many evil things that have come from those books attributed to him.

  3. Rashi holds the ytrinity shifshuf is ok for gentiles . Some early sages even said it was even ok for a noachide . As for the kabbalists the great baal shem abraham abulafia whose work chayei olam habah is the entire key to meditative enlightenment , whose student was the great mekubal yosef gikatilia who wrote on the 10 names of the torah in shaarey orah . A book intrestingly not burned by the church for they saw greatness in it unlike the talmud ! Rav abulafia said the jews are uncircumcised in the heart the gentiles in both heart and body . Personaly I agree with you though ! Bottom line more destruction of jews spiritualy and physicaly happened and continues to happen because of yeshka then any man in history including adolph hitler !

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  6. Shifshuf is the concept of “partnership.’ A non Jew is allowed to believe that G-d delegated certain powers to various entities, such as the stars, but no one is allowed to worship that partner. Yashke is worshiped and believed to be a god, or a form of a god, or an incarnation of a god, and so on. This is forbidden. See the video, Answers to a Pastor at videos, or gutmanlocks’s youtube channel

  7. Gutman, stop slandering him and correct them with historical and Tanach proofs. You are right in the sense they made him into a god, part god or whatever. But he is not at fault in any form. That's the truth. I believe it's our duty to defend our own Torah observant Jew, even if he disagree's with your derech today.

    Great you all are back online. Kol hakavod.

  8. So called Jews who support the horrible yoshke who was a traitor to Judaism are not better than him> They are traitors and cowards who are siding with the antisemites.
    As for the x-tians who complain here, your fake religion of love but in reality religion of hatred has persecuted us for 2000 years, you are fake, we will never never never bow down to your false religion, even in 2000 more years.
    I feel insulted by your idolatry and your arrogance, you love statues of your yoshke?sleep with him i dont care, but leave us alone and take away with you your hypocrite priests, popes and other paedophiles.

  9. you are doing great work reb gutman. i disagree with people who are disrespectful of you on this page.

  10. Dear Reb Gutman,

    Why do you tolerate all those JC-lovers and preachers and apologists come here to your holy site and smear your walls with falsehood and lies?

    Why don't you just leave out this politically correct stuff that has been so detrimental to the Jews and Israel, and erase their outrageous comments?

    I'm already tired of reading these kind of silly comments throughout the whole Jewish blogs - for instance Arutz Sheva Forums have been hacked by messianics, J-for-J's, karaites, and now a so-called "ebionite" has invaded the forum with his nonsense !!!

    Let's clean up your holy blog so that "we" - i.e. Jews who sincerely want to grow in Torah & Mitzvot - may find a safe learning place !!

    Thanks for your kind attention
    & Shalom


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