Thursday, August 18, 2011

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Major Attack in Israel

News Report by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

We’re not a news outlet, but it seems the mainstream media is ignoring what’s going on right now in Israel. So we’ve combined a few of our sources to give you a quick summary…

- A civilian Israeli bus was ambushed by automatic weapons fire on the way to Eilat (the resort city at the southern tip of Israel) about and hour or two ago.  Many injured (though not major injuries) but no reported deaths from this attack.  At least 10 injured from this attack.  For those counting, that’s a Palestinian war crime.

- A second civilian Israeli bus was ambushed and hit by rocket or missile fire a brief time after the first bus was attacked.  The bus exploded and caught fire killing some and injuring others among the passengers.  At least 4 dead from this attack.  If you’re paying attention, that’s another Palestinian war crime and a casus belli for war.

- An Israeli civilian car filled with children was similarly attacked. Reports are unclear if it was hit with a rocket-propelled-grenade or automatic weapons fire or shot at by an anti-tank missile (and missed).  At least 3 injured from this attack.  This is yet another Palestinian war crime, with a specific target of children.

- Around this same time and Israeli Army patrol jeep along the Egyptian / Israel / Gaza border area was hit by an IED (an improvised explosive device), injuring and killing some IDF soldiers.  This is NOT a war crime nor a casus belli IF you are at war with a  declared enemy. 

- As emergency and security forces arrived to the site of the bus attacks, they came under automatic weapons and mortar fire!  As I’m writing this some of the injured still haven’t been evacuated due to ongoing heavy fighting.

- A report of incoming missile fire from across the Egyptian border near the Eilat International Airport was received.  The airport has been closed.  Firing at a civilian airport is another war crime and a violation of every transport convention in the world.

- Unconfirmed reports of either an explosion or gunfire have also been received from Be’er Sheva (southern Israeli city about 3 hours by car NORTH of where these incidents occurred).  Police have set up security roadblocks at all entrances to the city.

- Unconfirmed reports that the terrorists are wearing Egyptian army uniforms.

- Confirmed reports that first emergency responders have gotten help to some of the victims but are trapped and under fire.

- IDF warns of sympathy rocket attacks from Gaza. Southern communities in rocket range should take precautions.

- Some of the terrorists have been killed, unclear if the murderous attack has ended or not.

Summary: At least 3 planned simultaneous attacks and 1 of opportunity.  At least 30 injured and 5 dead reported at this time.

May Hashem avenge the blood of the fallen, protect those involved and strengthen those responding.

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  1. It appears to be the muslim brotherhood in Sinai and not the fakeistinians that perpetrated the attacks. So much for peace treaties.


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