Sunday, August 28, 2011

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by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths



     How do you find spiritual joy in your life?


     There are literally hundreds of things that you can do that will bring joy, and there are even more that will bring sorrow. Here are a few of the things that will bring a lasting joy, but they only work if you actually do them.

     Count your blessings---Everyone has both blessings and disadvantages in their life. When you focus on what you are missing, you will feel handicapped, deprived. When you focus on what you have, you will feel privileged, blessed.

     Spend time with optimistic friends, and avoid negative people.

     Help others. When you help others with their physical needs, G-d will increase your physical blessings. When you help others with their spiritual needs, G-d will increase your spiritual blessings.

     Have guests for Shabbos.     

     When you do a mitzvah:

          Remember Who you are working for: the Creator of the Universe.

          Try to see why G-d wants you to do that mitzvah.

G-d wants you to do that mitzvah because doing it elevates both you and the world around you. It elevates you because you did a holy thing, and it elevates the world because more holiness was brought into the world. And now that you are more holy you will be led to do even more holy things. The result is doing that mitzvah made you more holy, made the world more holy, and increased holiness makes it easier for even more holiness to be brought into the world.

     Gain the spiritual perspective. As you go through your day spend time remembering that you are not your body… that your body is only a vehicle that you are temporarily riding in. Your body is a gorgeous opportunity, a precious tool that you have been given so you can bring goodness into the world, but it is not what you are. It is a garment that you are wearing so you can fulfill your purpose on earth. The soul, which is entirely spiritual, can do nothing without a physical body

     The more time you spend believing that you are simply a physical person, the more time you will spend trying to accumulate physical things. This is physical nature. The more time you spend remembering that you are a spiritual being who is passing through this physical world, the more time you will spend trying to give. This is spiritual nature. “Taking” brings a short-lived joy that is followed by a responsibility (to guard the thing that you just took). “Giving” brings an instant joy that is followed by an ongoing blessing from the One Who gave you what you were able to give.

    Take care of your body. It is hard to be happy when your body hurts. You wouldn’t feed your pet animal unhealthy things, or let it do dangerous things, so don’t do it to the animal you are riding in either.

     Remember, G-d wants you to be happy, especially when you do a mitzvah.


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