Sunday, August 21, 2011


Iron Dome and Protection from Heaven

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

Israel deployed it’s Iron Dome rocket/missile defense system in response to Hamas of Gaza firing over 100 rockets (and counting) into civilian cities in Israel over the last 3 days.  (That’s a war crime, but the world doesn’t care – it’s only dead Jews.)

The good news is Iron Dome works, more or less.  Hitting a bullet with a bullet, or rocket with a missile, is very challenging.  Doing it with (relatively) short range incoming rockets even more so.

Amazingly, the system works.  But there’s 4 problems.

1. It’s not absolute.  Some rockets are getting through.  And some of those getting through have killed people.

2. There is a cost problem.  Shooting down a $100 rocket with a $50,000 interceptor will cause a real drain on resources.

3. There was a false sense of security it provided, in two forms.  The first is “we don’t have to worry about the build up of these low tech rockets by the enemy because we can just knock them down” among the politicians and generals.  The second is among the population who’s been videoing incoming rockets and intercepts, “we’re safe, the defense system is in place.”

4. We believe we can rely upon the strength of our arms and not our Father in Heaven.  Relying on our Father in Heaven does NOT absolve us from doing our part, preparing defenses and dealing with the enemy before they’re killing us.  But in preparing defenses we shouldn’t be impressed with our tech, our strength or a stockpile of armaments.  In the end it’s ONLY our Father in Heaven upon whom we can rely.

Say some tehillim (psalms) and beseech Hashem, for (at the moment) it’s a time of trouble for Yaakov.


  1. It's The Year of The Iron Rabbit or Metal Wabbite or Velveteen Rabbi, depending on your perspective

  2. $50k is still cheaper than the damage and compensation caused by a rocket falling in a neighbourhood or chas vshalom, on people so it's money well spent. But I agree, we can't just sit back and let them keep coming because 'it works'. And with more coming , supposedly, the Arabs are supposed to realize that their 'dumb' rockets are not effective. What else will the dream up?

  3. Furthermore, "A late midrash relates that Abraham built for Keturah’s offspring a city surrounded by a high iron wall, and brought them inside. He raised the wall so high that sunlight would never enter; and he gave them precious stones and large pearls, which Israel would use in the days to come" (Soferim, Hosafah 1:1).


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