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Interesting – Multiple Husbands @ Ressurection?

Rav Aviner, a leading mizrachi rav, has many interesting questions addressed to him and often comes up with some of the most interesting rabbinic responses of our time.

Here’s one of his questions of the week…

Q: If a woman was married to two different men during her lifetime, who will she be with after the Resurrection of the Dead?

A: There is an answer to this question in the book "Piskei Teshuvah" of Ha-Rav Avraham Pitrakovsky (#124). He quoted the book "Shut Matzav Ha-Yashar" on the Zohar that there was a young woman who was married to a wonderful man who died at a relatively young age. The young woman did not want to marry again. She said, "Why should I get married to someone else? During the Resurrection of the Dead I will be married to my second husband, and my first husband is dearer to me than anything. I prefer to remain a widow all of my life and then be married to my true soul-mate."

There is a similar question in the book "Ha-Techiya Ve-Ha-Pedut" (question #6) of Ha-Rav Sa'adia Gaon: how will I find my wife during the Resurrection of the Dead? Ha-Rav Sa'adia did not want to answer since it is forbidden to answer a halachic question before someone who is greater than him in wisdom. Since this is a question of the Resurrection of the Dead, Moshe Rabbenu will be there and it is therefore forbidden for me to answer. If there are questions that arise now - what can we do? We have to answer them. Questions that have to do with the future, however, we leave for Moshe Rabbenu and the other prophets.

It therefore seems that the question in "Shut Matzav Ha-Yashar" cannot be answered, but this was before the Zohar was revealed. After the Zohar was revealed, our question was answered.

The rest at Torat HaRav Aviner.


  1. This is an interesting answer, but what about people who had multiple gilgulim? Which body will be resurrected?

  2. Crazy Smade the NoachideAugust 25, 2011 3:00 PM

    I'm with Yishai! I'd like an answer to that question my own self.

    If I've been through 100 transmigrations of the soul (and assuming, Heaven willing, that I merit the Resurrection), then which one of my former meat-suits will I get to wear again?

    As for marriage in a post-Resurrection period, I thought that the Yetzer HaRa will be removed from the human equation by then, no?

    What would an immortal being need with a Survival Instinct and Sex Drive? If that be the case, then why be concerned about marriage?

    Besides, aren't our souls just fragments of their former glory and unified state? When all is said and done, won't these sparks be joined together and thereby made whole? Who knows, one might well have a unified soul that contains one's family members and marriage partners, no? I don't know.... You tell me.


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