Thursday, August 18, 2011


The Face of Evil

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths


This is the face of evil.  This is a person who dances for joy in children killed by an RPG in a civilian car on a civilian road.  This is a person who sings in happiness at a civilian bus shot with a missile.

This is the face that the world has been convinced is peaceful and deserving of a state.  That would have the Jews risk their safety for and compromise with.

These are his own words…

@israel_shield I am praying to drink your blood soon and get our lands back again. f(censored) Israel & Jewish viva Hitler #eliat #f(censored)israel

There IS evil in this world.  There are those with whom there is NO compromise.  Do not doubt it or they will be successful.


  1. It's got both mental and spiritual elements - i.e. evil AND crazy. Seeing a lot of this lately. Fight this with Kor Ruach, Yishuv Hadaat, Chochma ve-Deveikut B-Kadosh Baruch Hu. If needed wield a good weapon and learn self-defense! Get strategical, people.

  2. very true evil and mentally very crazy thats the knockout combo . thats the power of sorcery haman jc bilaam hitler etc all used there mental illness with evil and magic sorcery , this fights the holy powers head on . thats why it says hashem has a battle with amalak who loves to use hexes witch craft demons sorcery black magic evil eye . And moses hands thus became weak from there unholy cochot . May the seed of joseph be aroused , may elijah join with him as the holy teacher ramban disscuses in the war with amalak parsha beshalach .

  3. Ah Eliyahu. Thank you so much for this insight! I would never have figured that one out. BARUCH HASHEM. Please keep these comments coming - so - we've got the freaks out there with ZERO maatzorim. Ha. Now - to plunge some daggers and YATEDIM as far as we can - in the manner of Yael. Ideas - please. We're on the front here - send your input asap. Meanwhile, we'll start the invocations on this side. Nu. Am Yisrael Chai!

  4. Akiva, check out samsonblinded blog, under the first article he has news about how the gov't here new that there was a pending attack and did not notify us. Who's the real enemy here? Shabbat Shalom

  5. I can't explain it to you - maybe someone else can. Is there someone who can cite the sources where we are told that now there is NO MAN WHO WE CAN RELY ON - but only Hashem. I think some people really need to get it into their head that it's over. The dream. The delusion. The governments. It's all ended as of yesterday.

  6. Shiloh,
    if the government warned us of every assumed impending attack, the country would be crippled and people would not leave their homes.

    It's not smart to second-guess after the incident happened and who knows how many were thwarted without us knowing.

    Don't blame the government for the attack, blame the evil Arabs who did it, and the others who support them.

    We shouldn't have to take for granted guards who check bags at storefronts, metal detectors everywhere and police checkpoints not only for DWI.

  7. suggestion: it is not "the" face of evil, but "a" face of evil.
    these slime make it easy for us to identify them.

    what is more insidious? the evil of a barack obama, an abbas, or glenn beck's gushy "love" for israel with a hidden xian triumphalist agenda.

  8. amalak esau =616 yitro ....we need more baal tshuvas noachides like yitro and less amalakites like this shmuck . Good to see israel wakening up finally hashem has to hit before we do quite oviousely . ie yeshurun waxed fat and kicked . this is a wake up call for israel from ribono shel olam no question . Maybe if we wake up maybe if we finally get that this is our land the first rahi in chumash hashem will send elijah the prophet as the last pasuk in the last book of the prophets malachi says .


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