Thursday, August 25, 2011

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Dodging Rockets

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

With only a short time before the children return to school, I made a mistake yesterday.  I assumed cease fires mean something to the Palestinians and I headed to Ashkelon National Park & Beach.  Ashkelon State Park is a beautiful park of archeological sites, with Roman ruins, Caananite ruins, and Muslim ruins, and a very nice beach that’s sparsely used (almost private) with facilities (showers and bathrooms) and lifeguard coverage.  With a relatively high entry price per person, but something I avoid by belonging to the Israel National Park’s society (a great deal for anyone with a large family), the park and beach are only lightly used.

I travelled through Kiryat Malachi and the center of Ashkelon.

Updated Emergency Bulletin from IDF Homefront Command.

The following defensive measures apply to all communities within 40 kilometers of the Gaza strip: Ashkelon, Ashdod, Beer Sheva, Netivot, Sederot, Kiryat Melachi, Kiyrat Gat, Gedera, Hevel Yanveh, Gederot, Gan Yavneh, Yad Binyamin.

It was a quiet day.  I checked the news and my Twitter feed (where I have several IDF spokes-people), all was quiet on the Gaza front.  Ashkelon National Park is about 7 kilometers from the Gaza border.

A beautiful day. The water was warm, the waves calm, the lifeguard warning was “white flag – no safety concerns”.  (In the water, that is.)

As we entered the National Park, we were given a flyer for a music festival to occur at 8pm that evening.  3 well known Israeli pop-music artists were going to perform at the “Breeze Festival”.  Not our thing (not modest, not a music we would listen to) but it’s nice to see that Israeli cities arranging public events throughout the summer.  The park has a Roman era amphitheater that repurposes into a modern small concert venue nicely.  (Glenn Beck did the same thing the a larger one in Cesarea this week for his event.)

After some time in the water and sun and as the afternoon was drawing to a close, I signaled it was time to wash up, pack up and head home.  As we drove through the park and out we saw a large police presence preparing security for the evening’s planned concert.

About 30 minutes later Palestinian rockets fired from Gaza struck just offshore from that beach, followed by additional rockets striking the city of Ashkelon.

Let me be clear.  1.5 hours later and 500 meters east and this would have been a massacre.  Hundreds or thousands would have been injured or killed.  (30 minutes earlier and 100 meters east and it could have been me and my family.)

Of course the festival was cancelled and the city moved to protective measures.  1 hour later a family home in a small Jewish town about 4 kilometers east was hit, injuring an infant.

I don’t want to hear another word about #RamadanMassacre or poor shell shocked Gazans.  EVERYONE knows (even if they pretend otherwise) that EVERY SINGLE ROCKET SHOT FROM GAZA is a WAR CRIME and ATTEMPT TO KILL JEWISH CIVILIANS.  And every shot the IDF takes is an attempt to stop rocket fire or terror actions and an attempt to kill terrorists – militants – murderers.

The statistics are telling (but who cares about reality)…

Palestinian Results Last 2 Weeks – 8 Israeli civilians dead, 1 Israeli soldier dead, 30 Israeli civilians injured, 2 Israeli soldiers injured. (Oh, and a number of Palestinians injured by misfires, as well as 3 Egyptians as a few rockets went the wrong way and hit Rafah, Egypt.)

IDF Results Last 2 Weeks – 14 Palestinian Terrorists/Militants/Soldiers dead, 1 Palestinian civilian dead, 11 Palestinian Terrorists/Militants/Soldiers dead, 4 Palestinian civilians wounded.

It would be nice if someone where to ask (or answer), why are the Gaza Palestinians trying to start a war RIGHT NOW?  (Similarly interesting, why is Israel restraining it’s response right now?)

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  1. Speculation and/or conspiracy:

    - There were Egyptians involved in the Ein Netafim attacks. It is very peculiar that no information about the identities of the terrorists has been released until now and no 'mourning tents' set up by the 'Palestinians'. No one taking credit, no pictures sent to the media of martyrs.
    - So Israel does not want to drag Egypt into the conflict at this time, or know how to react to Egyptians being involved in this attack.
    - And if it is the Gazans, maybe they are attempting to start a war so that their statehood declaration has some honour to it instead of the stillborn whimper that is being planned.
    - Maybe the Egyptians are trying to start the war for the Gazans who are inept.
    - Maybe the Egyptians are attempting to start a war that would unify the Egyptian people, looking for some new legacy for the Muslim Brotherhood to rise to power in glory.


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