Thursday, August 25, 2011


The Arrival of Stern Judgement?

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

I’ve received several copies of a geulah warning email going around…

i heard over this from a man israel who came here america to save jews// he went to rav kook from tibres & his friend to Rav Batzri from jeruselm and they both gave the same answer within year it will begin rosh hashana--hoshana rabba 5772 economy doller will fail the riot will start looting jewish business perscution of jews by black people"."

Let’s do a bit of a quick analysis and some explanation (from this confusing email).

As Dov bar Leib has written on Mystical Paths several times, according to the cosmic calendar, the Jewish year 5772 aligns with the mystical holy day of Hoshana Rabba.  So has of this coming Rosh Hashana we are living the year of Hoshana Rabba (and on Hoshana Raba of this coming year, we are in Hoshana Raba of Hoshana Raba.)

Hoshana Raba is associated with the final sealing and beginning of application of judgments – those judgments brought down from Rosh Hashana through Yom Kippur.  This is why the prayers of Hoshana Raba change from “annul the decrees” to “sweeten the severities”. 

Accordingly, following the cosmic calendar, the year of Hoshana Raba brings an end to the opportunity for teshuva of the nations (whether through honest societal application or through pressure min hashamayim – from events directed from Heaven).  The 10 days of teshuva (the period of Rosh Hashana through Yom Kippur) are ended, as is the extra “last chance” period that continues from Yom Kippur until Hoshana Raba.  Any merits from the past are used up and the force of the current judgment comes into play.

The stability of the world through the cosmic 10 days of teshuva was exactly that, stable.  The period of joy of the time of the cosmic Yom Kippur through the cosmic Sukkot (a specific period of simcha – joy) was without compare in the history of mankind.  Wealth grew and flowed throughout most of the world, with healthcare, vaccinations and economic support reaching even the most dire regions of the world – and many poor nations moving to growth nations or even regional players.

But then comes Hashana Raba.  The party ends, judgments are due. 

The world financial situation is already almost at the point of no return. It is extremely EASY to look at MANY factors of the European Union and the United States and see things so far gone there’s almost no chance of recovery.  Add in some natural disasters and it’s easy to predict chaos.

That’s what the warning above is about.  That said, this is not the first (or second, third, or fourth) such warning from rabbis that we’ve heard go out (this year, last year, the year before, etc.)  With current conditions it’s wise to prepare for national and international instability, wherever you are. 

But prophecies?  The accuracy rate is currently running, umm, not so good (to put it mildly).


  1. Um, I'm no baki in R' Bar Leib's thoughts, but my understanding is that 5771 corresponded to Hoshana Rabba, while 5772 corresponded to Shemini Atzeret.

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  3. Yes, Ya'ak is correct. But the strict judgments on the gentile nations and on Jews as individuals come down after the Korban Musaph is offered up for the Year of Hoshana Rabba after Mincha Gedolah of the 6th Millennium and of the year. That process actually began on Rosh Chodesh Av with the beginning of the collapse of the stock market, the burning down of London, and the cracking of he Washington Monument. These are warnings that by the end of this year all judgments on the nations of the world for all of human history will be sealed. Since Edom (Western Civilization) has no bracha going forward into he New Age, economies and currencies will simply collapse with he onset of new year 5772, the year of Shmini Atzereth. They will simply run out of spiritual gas. We should see this effect in full by he end of Tishrei 5772. The physical gasoline will remain because Esau's blessing for the oil of the earth is not dependent on the spiritual dew which comes from the mouth of G-d. In short all of Edom's reward for Olam HaZeh simply peters out by the end of this coming Tishrei. Sadly the geulah will come the hard way as the Western economy grinds to a halt. It could have come with a kinder, gentler Gog W. if we had simply been decent collectively in 5765. Yet, so many forgot that human decency is kadmah to the Torah. So in 5772 Jews as individuals and the gentile nations will be strictly judged for their lack of human decency.

  4. I think we should not misuse the word prophecy so easily. Prophecy is one think only - the word of God. When someone says 'Ko amar Hashem' - that is prophecy, or at least someones claim that it is. I do not recall any of these predictions or estimates over the last decade to have that preface, so none of it is prophecy, and there are no prophets.

    Having the incredible 'talent' of ruach hakodesh does not make one a prophet.

  5. so רבי דוד אבוחצירא שליט"א: said that baba sali shmro enmunah rebbie thay met moshiach coming near hoshana rabba 5772


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