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The Arab Mind

image003 (1)by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths

       Last week, I received 22 letters from a non-Jewish woman in Holland. Although her children and husband are Muslims, she has been a church-attending x-ian for the past few years. Some of the letters were quite long. She asked for help in learning the Zohar (the Jewish book of Mystical Wisdom and Theology).

     I answered every letter, but instead of teaching her the Zohar, which we are not to do, I directed her to the Seven Mitzvahs of Noah. Non-Jews are free to learn whatever subjects they want, but we are not to teach these things to them. When non-Jews study the Torah it takes them away from the role that they were sent into this world to fulfill. Obviously, this would do them great harm. Also, Jewish mysticism can only be learned in conjunction with the performance of the mitzvahs or it quickly degenerates into the occult.

     In her letters, she mentioned dozens of deep Kabbalah concepts trying to show me how much she already knew. Apparently, she had spent a lot of time studying these subjects. She wrote intelligently, and she showed respect and admiration for the Kabbalah.

     Each time she tried to engage me in the Zohar, I gently explained how she had to understand the basics first and I wrote to her about the prohibition of idolatry. Once she saw that she was not going to get what she was looking for without first understanding idolatry, she seemed to have listened. In fact, she learned not to worship an idol. She went so far as to say that she understood that yashka was not G-d, nor an “incarnation” of G-d, but, in her opinion, he was a loving man.

      She went on to explain that before she became a x-ian, she used to side with the Palestinian Arabs but now she has a balanced view. She does think, however, that the Muslims demonstrate love of G-d more than anyone else.

     I asked her if she thought that it was G-d-loving for a father to murder his daughter because she went on a date with a non-Muslim. Is it a sign of loving G-d that although only one out of five people in the world is a Muslim, four out of five wars in the world involve Muslims?

She wrote;

    “Yes, they put G-d first. They want the man to lead the family spiritually, meaning the man has to lead the prayers. How will a x-ian do that? He cannot!. And no-one can be in the business of dating Muslims. No x-ians, no Muslims. If a boy likes a girl, first he goes to her father to ask him for her hand. Then families meet, etc. So there is not supposed to be any dating like in the western world.

     “Who is inciting all the Muslim wars and the 'Arab spring'? The CIA !! You need to watch Alex Jones on youtube sometime. Then you'll learn that 9/11 was an inside job. Israel and Saudi-Arabia were the pro-western pact in the Middle East. Now look what the CIA wants. After all Arab governments will have fallen they want the Saudi royal family out. Why? They're going to dig for oil in Alaska so they're no longer 'useful'. So America only has friends as long as they can be used. I believe they'll only keep friends with Israel as long as they have an agenda in the Middle East, and afterwards they'll backstab you just as well. So make friends with your neighbors while you still can!”

     This apparently intelligent Arab x-ian woman, who is living in the West (Holland), believes that she has rational, balanced opinions. She totally defended Muslim men murdering their daughters if they bypass the traditional dating system! She truly believes that Israel and the CIA are to blame for the infamous Muslim terrorist attack on 9/11!

     Are the opinions of this woman typical Arab thinking? Can we dare say such a thing? Arab opinion polls report that 88% of the world’s Arabs consider Israel to be the greatest threat to their lives.[i]

     I wrote to her saying that she was brainwashed and that she should go to, because I would not be able to help her.

[i] Survey conducted 2010 in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and UAE by the University of Maryland in conjunction with Zogby International.

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  1. your are a good man reb gutman. but perhaps in this case you took too much time with this person?


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