Sunday, August 21, 2011

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40 Days

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

It is now, right now, 40 days until Rosh Hashana. 40 days before Rosh Hashana the mekubalim (the kabbalists) of Jerusalem begin their preparations for entering a new year.  Preparations begin among the mekubalim with netaris hadarim, the disavowement of vows made under pressure or by accident over the past year.

As we see a new year coming, now just in range, we also see the old order passing QUICKLY.  Stock markets have plunged and plunged again.  Currency markets are a sneeze away from disaster.  The economies of the Western nations are weak, not improving, and themselves teetering due to a failure to address the problem of spending beyond their means.  Except for Israel, which is holding stable, growing a bit, and in the past year has found major gas deposits, oil deposits, and a way to extract oil shale which it has in abundance.

As Rosh Hashana and then Hoshana Raba, the day of the closing of the judgments, comes this year, big changes are coming.

Israel today is at war.  It’s barely being mentioned in the news and if it is it’s a ‘cycle of violence’ or some such fecal material.  But right now, under the noses of the ‘world’ and with their tacit permission – and with the U.S. taxpayer funding most of the operation (the rest by the E.U.) – the ‘government’ of Gaza has declared responsibility for and executed war operations against Israel.

War operations that consist of firing missiles at civilian buses and civilian passenger cars, maiming and killing the occupants.  (That’s a war crime by any definition.)  War operations of aiming and firing rockets into the middle of civilian cities.  (That’s the classic definition of a war crime!)

It hasn’t stopped, it hasn’t slowed down.  Every few hours, if not more frequently, hundreds of thousands of civilians are running for their lives.  Now and then, G-d help us, a few aren’t making it to shelter and are killed.

Yet the world will be screaming about “excessive force” and war crimes of internationally legal defensive measures.  They won’t let the facts get in the way.  Already the Arabs are screaming about a “Ramadan Massacre”.  That they massacred Jewish civilians is irrelevant.  [Actually it’s not irrelevant to them, it’s the point.]

It’s not yet Elul but Rosh Hashana is in sight.  It’s time for Teshuva, Tefilla, Tzedakah and Chesed.  It’s time for Tehillim neged tillim (Psalms to offset missiles – works in Hebrew).  It’s time for Perek Shirah and Tikkun Klali.

And it’s time for wise preparations where ever you are.

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  1. This is a most timely reminder to do TESHUVA, TEFILLA AND TZEDAKKA, and deeds of loving kindness.
    Indeed in these tumultus times should not Am Yisrael's catch-cry be "AHAVAT CHINAM, CHEVRA". ???!
    Many thanks to you Reb Akiva and Shalom!


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