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by Rabbi Nati at Mystical Paths

why2With all the horrible news the Jewish community was just inundated with I have been asked to respond to the searing question of WHY?

I was asked recently, "Reb Nati, where are we holding?"  The time has past to merely speak about where we are, for all the signs show us we are in Chevlei Moshiach (the birth pangs of the redemption). A time that the greatest of our sages said 'they longed for but did not want to see' (Gemora).

So this post will not be about where we are historically or to time stamp us on where we are holding on the geula scale. It will focus on the second question "If we are there, then what do we do?"  I'll come back to this, but first to respond to a question the day, "why do have to suffer the tragic events that we have of recent heard, OY OY TaTi Ad Moshai!”  Or to put it another way, why do the righteous suffer?

We think we can understand why sinners suffer or must undergo suffering. However, we know that the righteous also suffer (as the current news tells, BD"E), sometimes even more than sinners. This demands clarification. And our sages have explained it in two ways.

  1. The Jewish people are all joined together into a complete entity known KLAL ISRAEL (maharal, in Nesiv Hatchacha, perek 2).   Therefore, sometimes the righteous may suffer in order to expiate atonement on behalf of the Dor (generation) or even for past generations. Hashem repays them in the World to Come with untold reward for having made the Tikun (spiritual repair) not only for the individual but for the entire world (Daas Tevunos 166). We can see an example of this with terrible events like the recent loss of the holy soul Leibby Kletzky of blessed memory. (And may Hashem comfort his parents among the mourners of Israel and Zion.)
  2. Kabbalists tell us that a person who did not complete his purpose in this world must return again, in a reincarnation, to correct that which was lacking in his previous life. And according to most, in this generation all the souls have all been here before. Thus a person’s goal is to correct or to complete all that has not been repaired (Michtav Me'Eliyahu, chelek 4, daf 120). This is accomplished either through self improvement in the areas where he was not successful in his previous life or through suffering.

All of this is to put heavenly soul accounts in order.  The Arizal of blessed memory tells that the period of IKVESA DEMASHICHA (the birthpangs of the geulah), which we are clearly in by all accounts at this time   will be a time of unprecedented spiritual cleansing of all neshamos (souls) as everything must be purified and refined from all the generations from Adom HaRishon until now. (Shomer Emunim, also in Likutei Torah parsha Ki Seitzei).

The Chofetz Chaim told us that when Moshiach comes the world will be in a state of completeness.  Therefore there is a need beforehand to settle all the old accounts of all spiritual blemishes. The remaining debts of previous generations (those that remain after the Holocaust and those created since) are being laid on this generation.

We must rectify all these outstanding accounts prior to Moshiach's coming.  These recitifications will provide a tikkun for all actions of all previous generations (Ramchal, Daas tevunos, 1:42).

Many of these tragic events have centered around our beloved Jewish children.  For example the Cantonists decrees of Czar  Nicholas in 1827.  The purpose of these events during this time is to spiritually cleanse and repair all the blemishes from the previous generations.

There are 3 ways to achieve the soul corrections:

1. by being righteous and not sinning. (Daas Teunous 40)
2. by doing TeShuvah.
3. by accepting Yissurim. (painful events)

Every Jew has the responsibility to atone for the failings of KLAL ISRAEL, and being that we are almost all reincarnations of earlier generations each one of us has a PERSONAL OBLIGATION to prefect all aspects in which he failed to succeed in his previous lifetimes.

Perhaps this gives some glimmer of understanding to the horrific events of the recent past, for they are all part of the CHEVLEI MOSHIACH process.  A person should not fear, nor give up hope, when he undergoes Yissurim. We must remember that everything that Hashem does is for our ultimate good.

Sometimes we are directed into a situation in which we can effect a tikun not only for ourselves but for the entire Klal.  During these day of avoda just prior to Moshiach we must appreciate that Hashem the ultimate Repairer knows exactly what will fix what and which are the appropriate events to help us survive.

According to Rebbeinu Yona (Shaarei Teshuvah, Shaar 4, ot 12), One of the charater traits of the Tzaddikim in their abillity to to pay off their debts and still sing praise to Ha Kodosh Baruch HU! 

May it be Hashem's will that we merit to be purified by doing teshuvah and good deeds so that we will avoid the remaining Chevlei Moshiach and merit a complete and speedy geulah.

Until then, here's a special site built to strengthen emunah after this horrible event.


  1. Nati, What would your opinion be if God forbid you where put in those parents shoes or in that of the young child. It's all for good? Thank God we are not in their shoes. So very sad.

    It's impossible to know why with certainty. As far as doing tshuvah to bring the geulah, Nati, it will NEVER, EVER happen. The game is rigged and those who rigged it are causing us this pain and completely preventing us from doing tshuvah on a national level.

    Those who wrote that they did not wish to witness the geulah did so for a reason. Hopefully you will see the real reason soon enough. You may be a bit bitter once it's said and done.

  2. We don't know why this happened. But We can do something positive and make a good impact around us. We should each pick something to work on like Middos, ahavas yisrael, ethics, more kavana in prayer, etc. we can each make a difference. May we improve ourselves in good ways, and may the geula sheleima come soon

  3. the reason for the issurim in general we are still in malchut edom /amalak until mashiach ! edom has reshut with malchut ! the state of israel is run by the erev rav / amalak ! jews only lessen issurime through tefillah gemilut chasadime and pnimiut hatorah ! Orthodox by and large ignore pnimius hatorah , they kill mashiach more then anyone . Ramchal says mashiach lives by virtue of 1 mitzvah and 1 mitzvah only ! the mekabbalime and there chasim who learn pnimiut . as well sadly as well there might be awesome tragedies in eretz yisrael specificaly tel avive , as well the reform movement is responsible for the nazi holocaust and the assimilation / destruction of american jewry . The ramchal says erev rav is amalak Hashem is not echad according to zohar until mashiach until erev rav is destroyed by Hashem !

  4. Edom is kept in power by our middos harah of arrogance, the Ishmaelim is kept in control by our middos harah of pere odom, and the erev rav by our midos harah of heresy.

    We are the sole reason for bad in the world. We are also the sole source of good in this world, it is up to us and only us to form the sefa 'spiritual energy' into good for us and the whole world.

    And this is not my opinion this is the words of ours sages and any one who doesn't like it can just get a grip.

    I purposely didn't offer my opinion only what is in our holy books ok so all of this is sourced out so im not the blame if you can not see the truth it is your own lack of faith that causes you to see it wrong

    if we could see the real truth the whole truth then we might see that leiby saved 1000's of lives.

    only the true judge knows all so take by faith that everything is fir our ultimate benefit

  5. Nati, what are your solutions to turn this evil into good? How do you stop the arrogance that is so prevelant in Israel. What about the savage behavior? Explain who is teaching to stop this or turn the tide? Heresy? Which definition would you choose? The written Torah so I can be censored? The Talmud Bavli's opinion or the Talmud Yerushalmi (they differ in this case), religions definition of heresy? My solution won't happen because of your correct analysis that it's the erev rav at fault. Kinda called diversion tactics.

    So, solutions please?

    Wow, what a statement, if the sages said it and one does not agree, get a grip? Hell, since the Mashiach may not agree with the sages are you going to be the first in line to kill him as per the Rambam's halachot? Shall we start with the giant green frogs or maybe the snake wanting to mate with a woman? Guess I can't get a grip because of these examples. So if a sage say's it's true, it is. Does the ostrich syndrome ring a bell maybe?

    Who has lack of faith in God? Is it the faithless shephards maybe as described in the prophets? Is it those specifically described in Isaiah 29:13 ( I would put money on that one)? Many have complete faith based on lies, example xtianity, so just because someone can see way past the system does not mean they have lack of faith.

    Maybe this young boy was a korban for all the transgressions of adding to the Torah, you should be thankful for that. Banging my head against the wall! Amazing.

    You are right, only God knows. You are right, we are the problem. So my question are you part of the problem and what are you doing to add to it.

    The bottom line appears to be that it's way out of our hands now. Not to say to just give up and not do good. But the big picture only God can save His Great Name.

    Shabbat Shalom and it's good to hear your daughter's health has improved. May she have a complete and speedy recovery.


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