Thursday, July 28, 2011

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On the Passing of the Spinka Rebbe

The Spinka Rebbe of Jerusalem left this world yesterday.  While we don’t note the passing of every rebbe, we say this info which caught our attention…

(Circus Tent) The Spinka Rebbe of Yerushalayim, Reb Mordche Duvid Kahana, zt"l, was niftar yesterday. Most people never really knew him. He had a tiny shul on Rehov Salant in Meah Shearim… RMD was a great-grandson of the late Rav Nachman Kahana, Rov of Spinka, the author of the "Orchos Chaim," who was a SIL of the Imrei Yosef, the first Spinka Rebbe, and who traced his yichus, ben achar ben, to the Baal Kuntres HaSfeikos, the brother of the "Ketzos." (The same Kahanas who fought the Teitelbaum Rabbonim in Sighet...)

RMD was known - those that knew him - as a Masmid and Talmid Chochom who was on staff - like his father before him - of the Otzar HaPoskim, meaning he worked for a living...

The Spinka Rebbe was known as an Ish HaShalom who never - or rarely - got involved in politics. Despite being very Conservative when it came to his own life and family, he never took that to others, meaning he never yelled and screamed that all others were living in sin by doing what they do. In politics he also was not heard from, although the Eda HaCharedis saw him as of their own.

However, he was heard from when it came to the danger of giving land to Arab Terrorists/Hamas, and he was part of the group "Vaad HoRabbonim L'Inyonei Pikuach Nefesh," a Rabbinical group that saw it as its mission to make known to the world the dangers of giving land to Arabs/Terrorists. Which makes perfect sense, since JEWISH lives should be beyond politics, and whether or not you're a Zionist shouldn't matter (many from Meah Shearim being not only non-Zionist but anti-Zionist).

A quiet tzadik who worked for a living and only stood up when lives of Klal Yisroel were at stake.  May his merits stand as a blessing to all Israel.

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  1. Interesting - Both this Spinka Rebbe & Rabbi Meir Dovid Kahane HY"D have the same Roshei Taivos - Mem, Dalet, Koof, and having the same basic family name - Kahana or Kahane. But what is most important is that BOTH were very strong against giving away parts of our Eretz HaKedosha to the Arabs. Sometimes, it is the "quiet" ones who have it all right. The only question is - when will their words be listened to once and for all?


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