Friday, July 01, 2011

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OMG, IDF figures out Youtube

Did you hear about this Youtube thing?  It like, lets you, like, make videos and stuff to explain (or entertain) people.  You can, like, put up stuff to get your message out.  Wow, cool.

The Israeli Defense Forces spend quite a bit of time and money to interact with the main stream media to deliver their message.  Unfortunately the main stream media isn’t the slightest bit interested in giving the IDF a chance to be heard (though they’re happy enough for free tours, free security in challenging areas, and free lunches).

Amazingly the IDF seems to have just figured out that there’s this Youtube thing (and Twitter thing and Facebook thing) that lets you get your word out even when the main stream media ignores you.

Way to go IDF!  Kol haKavod!  Seriously, glad you finally joined us bloggers out here.

Two new videos from the IDF Spokesperson today… (graphics, explanation, finally!)


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