Sunday, July 31, 2011


The Murder of a Tzadik – Fear

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

By now most are aware that the Baba Elazar, zt”l, a grandson of the Baba Sali, zt”l, was murdered this past Thursday.

One strong response to this is fear.  Among the sephardi communities in Israel, the more amiti, the more simple Jews of faith, they are shaking in fear that such an event occurred from among the Jews and during the 3 weeks.  The murderer was a Jew, a man from within the orthodox community.  One who dressed the part, attended synagogue regularly, even gave Torah lessons.  While the ashkenazi approach and as has been heard from many Torah leaders is “the death of a tzadik is a kaparah, a price being paid by the people of Israel to prevent a terrible judgement”, the sephardi approach is (at least by some), “the hand of a man from our community has spilled the blood of a tzadik, what will be the terrible response and decree from Heaven?”

Similarly even among some of secular Israel, the murder of a major rabbi (by the hand of a Jew) is crossing a barrier (of horror and control) among civil society.

Some in synagogue this Shabbos noted that the 6th Torah portion read, which corresponds to the 6th day of the week (Thursday) when this terrible event occurred was specifically the Torah laws for dealing with an intentional (and unintentional) murderer.

The rav was murdered by a religiously dressed Jew who was (or previously was) part of the community, wielding a 40cm / 16 inch knife.  Significant information about who this man was and why he did what he did waits to come out.  While many are speculating on some Torah lesson the man supposedly gave about Moshiach ben Yosef, our sources with close inside information say the reasons are much more sinister.  But we await further confirmation.

May the death of this tzadik be (oy, another) kapparah for Am Yisroel.  And may we see the geulah shalaymah b’rachamim (in mercy) mamash today!


  1. God DOES NOT need a human sacrifice, nor an animal one for that matter. Even the animals are symbolic. It is incredible how we can't get past this. God provides kippur out of His loving kindness. Nothing more. Enough already.

    You wonder why I wont follow the Talmudists? Look no further.

  2. I really think that we must sit down and write out our sins and take to working on even just one of them at a time and show the Almight that we are serious.
    This situation is a wake up call.....

  3. Shiloh -- forget about "Talmudists" and go look in the Torah. What does Moshe mean when he says Hashem said "Bikrovai Akadesh"? Of course God doesn't need human sacrifice, he doesn't need tefillin or kashrut or shabbat or torah learning either. The mitzvot are a system that he gave us for our own benefit. God does provide atonement out of his loving kindness, but there's always a payoff somewhere. The world is based on reward and punishment, to give us room to acheive perfection.

  4. Eliyahu, that's why I am perfecting folding napkins for the Shabbat table. Don't laugh, it's being taught. I know the schtick.

  5. I read up online regarding this man. Cursing people, extorting money and keeping it all in a bank account is not what tzadiks are known for..


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