Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Jewish Women TSA Security Targets?

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

long_skirtReligious Jewish women follow Jewish religious law and practice as brought down and interpreted through generations of Jewish religious leaders.

One of the aspects of this is the concept of dressing modestly (classy, not sexy) and the prohibition (applicable to both genders) not to wear clothing meant for the other gender.

In our generation a skirt or dress is considered the appropriate outer garments for a woman, one that specifically covers the knees (while sitting) and is not skin tight or form fitting.  As with any clothing item, fashion applies and custom applies.  The combination in this case means within the religious Jewish communities skirts or dresses usually reach mid-calf or ankle length (when standing) and are not tapered but are straight, billowed, or various other forms of not-tight.  (Different communities may have a specific custom of keeping around mid-calf or keeping around ankle or floor length, depending on the community.)

Antidotal evidence seems to indicate that the United States Transportation Security Administration (the TSA) has determined that women’s lower body coverings that are not tight or form fitting, and specifically longer skirts, are considered “excessive clothing” and are a security risk that requires an extra (standard invasive glove wearing) pat down.

Meaning religious Jewish women are now up for a standard security feel-up when they travel.

(This does not seem to be in practice everywhere, but outside the US Northeast, with a concentration of religious Jewish women, that “skirt” is now out of place and excessive…  Remember, it’s now counter-cultural and therefore cool to be a religious Jew!)


  1. Hashem will help!!! This is His battle against Edom. As long as we do our part, for the right reasons, Hashem will help.

  2. I was traveling by plane and when in the airport security check the TSA says out loud, " body check". when I approached. I asked why. She said I had extra clothing on. Extra clothing? I was wearing your typical frum garb and it was considered "extra" and therefore I was pulled aside and a female TSA patted me down. I was grateful that it wasn't a man or anything else.

  3. can women have letters from a rabbi that prevents this? this is really bad. may Hashem protect all these women!!!!

  4. In elal, you are up to a "thorough examination", including ruining some of your belongings, when you tell them that you speak quite fluent Ivrit because you love learning languages.

    Which is more stupid?

    Will this Elal security procedure gain Israel more friends?

  5. Plus Elal is not ready to train their security staff in unpacking and repacking correctly, so that they won't ruin your belongings.

    I guess it's your own fault if you fly elal.

    Conclusion: elal - no more

  6. Valid post and replies, but the TSA and other world security companies are not allowed to do 'racial' profiling like Israel does, so even normative people are security risks. Given that, smart terrorists would adapt 'normative' garb so everyone is a risk until proven otherwise, even kids :-s

    I've had body check done in Europe. The man patted me down everywhere. I think everywhere I fly there are male and female staff and I have never seen one check someone of other gender. On top of that, I usually notice a screened off area that can be used if one chooses. These people have to do thousands of people a day and have zero tolerance for any remarks. They just want to get over us to thenext guy so if anyone is even a remote smartalec, they bring on that person 'what they deserve'.


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