Thursday, July 21, 2011

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Israel Industrial Parks

Major towns and cities throughout Israel have Industrial Parks or Industrial Zones, sometimes more than one.  This is where land is set aside for industrial buildings and office buildings of various types.  Sometimes these are small manufacturing, outlet stores, furniture stores, sometimes it’s large manufacturing, other times it’s high tech.

Often particular industrial parks will take on a particular flavor or type of business.

For example, the Har Hotzvim industrial park in Jerusalem has a large number of pharmaceutical research firms.  The Kiryat Arie industrial park in Petach Tikvah is much older, having a manufacturing section, a telecommunications section, and a cutting edge information technology section.

Here’s a few pictures of these parks…

In Petach Tikvah’s park, we find Kodak near Oracle, IBM, Marvel networking, and others.  To the left of the Kodak building is Petach Tikvah’s new soccer stadium, which is also next to the new in-park train station.


In Jerusalem’s Har Hotzvim, with find a Johnson & Johnson pharmecutical company, Teva drugs, and Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp’s News Data Systems IT research firm.


Petach Tikvah’s park has a lot of satellite dishes and satellite technology companies.  This one is Gilat, a creator of technology for satellite networks and communications.


Intel has a big presence in Israel.  Both “fabs”, chip fabrication facilities, and research facilities.  This one is in Jerusalem’s Har Hotzvim.


Of course, industrial parks are not just about high tech and pharma, there’s also physical world manufacturing going on as well.  This is in Petach Tikvah’s park.  Odis manufactures irrigation filtration equipment used throughout Israel, Africa and Europe.


There’s a lot going on in Israel.  The economy is growing, unemployment is medium to low and decreasing, it’s a good place to get a job.

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  1. Industrial parks are the backbone of the economy. In the Philippines, Cavite industrial park is one of the many industrial places which boosts the country's economy.


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