Sunday, July 17, 2011

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emailShalom y’all.  This is your friendly site editor and administrator here.

We received a helpful email about some important spelling mistakes in a recent article (important because they changed the meaning).  We appreciate your input and feedback and encourage you to continue.

What brought this to a post is the commentor sent his request via an email to another blogger, who emailed us (we guess because they couldn’t figure out how to email us directly).  So here’s a quick list of how to interact with us and how to get our content the best way for you…

- When reading an article via the web site or via Google Reader, there’s a Comment link at the bottom of every article.  Click it to add your thoughts.  Comments are unmoderated (what you write appears immediately) except for articles older than 60 days (where comments tend to be spam), though we do delete things we consider inappropriate.

- Articles are posted to Facebook, and if you follow them via our site editor then every comment is read.

- On the blog web site, direct email contact information for the (primary) authors is listed on the right side bar under The Team tab at the top.

- We offer a wide variety of ways to get and read Mystical Paths.  Here’s how, and (just for your interest) here’s what people are doing…

As a web site.  Direct link – and Shortcut link –    A few years ago most of our readers read via the Mystical Paths web site.  Today only 40% do.  Those that do…

27% read on Firefox, 24% on Internet Explorer, 20% on Chrome, and 14% on Safari.

Those reading the web site come mostly from the U.S., Israel, UK, Canada, France, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Italy, and Brazil.

As a Feed RSS.  Many people have figured out that reading lots of web sites and blogs on a daily basis is inconvenient, and Feed Readers put them all together for you so you can browse and read articles of interest.  Today about 40% of Mystical Paths readers use a feed reader.  Those that do…

50% use Google Reader, 20% use Firefox’s built in reader, 15% use Feedblitz, with other’s using MyYahoo, Newsgator, Mac RSS, and Microsoft Outlook.

By Email.  Some people like to get new articles emailed to them daily.  About 10% actually.  That’s cool, we do that.

On your Phone / Pad / Kindle.  The numbers of people reading us on their iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and Kindles is growing.  We’re doing our best to make that a positive experience…

- our Android phone reader app is here.
- our Kindle link is here.
- and we now have a special iPhone – Smart Phone layout, direct link here


By Audio – MP3 – Visually Impaired.  For those that would prefer to have our articles read to them, we have a special link that offers them computer-read in an MP3 format for download or listening.  The link is here.

Thanks for reading and being part of the Mystical Paths community.


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