Tuesday, July 12, 2011

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Heat Stroke

heatstrokeToday our own Rabbi Nati’s youngest daughter suffered heat stroke (a very serious and dangerous situation) while on a school-camp trip. 

She was rushed to the emergency medical clinic where they were unable to get her condition under control.  She was subsequently rushed to Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital in Jerusalem for serious treatment.

Please take a moment to pray to our Father in Heaven to give a speedy and complete recovery to Teiva Lena bas Leah Malka.

With many parts of the United States having a major heat wave and Israel being under ‘sharaf’ (hot dusty desert air) conditions, it’s extremely important when outdoors (or inside if there’s no air conditioning) to wear lightweight clothing, keep your head covered when outdoors (with a hat that has air holes), and drink plenty of WATER. 

When conditions are so hot one has to take extra precautions and make sure one’s children are doing so also.  And check on your elderly neighbors or elderly members of the community.  They often don’t have a proper heat sense anymore and may sit in stifling conditions without even realizing it.  (And dehydrate easily.)

Drink drink drink (water water water).

Stay safe, stay cool.

UPDATE: Thank G-d, R. Nati's daughter was successfully treated and began recovering overnight. She's out of immediate danger, though with a number of symptoms requiring follow up.

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