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The Darkness is on the face of the Abyss

by Reb Dov bar Leib @ Mystical Paths & End of Days

The Darkness (Greece) is on the face of the Abyss (Rome)

The financial collapse of Western Civilization is staring us in the face, and the Greeks in spite of the total financial bankruptcy of their country seem to have enough time to (support the) launch of a major flotilla against Israel.

Here is what I (Dov bar Leib) just posted on another blog in the comments section. I do not have time to write more extensively about this until next week, but this will do for now.

This is really a commentary on both Daniel chapter 7 and on Bilaam's last blessing of Israel in Parshat Balak in the book of Numbers.

The ten kings in Sefer Daniel have not yet arisen. They will only arise after the economic collapse of Malkhut Edom, the Western World in the 3rd year of the Shmittah cycle 5771. This could happen when "fleets of mercantile ships go forth from Kittim", the flotilla from Greece starting as early as next week, parshat Balak, after Rosh Chodesh Tamuz (though reports after Shabbos say the Greeks are now intervening to stop or delay the flotilla, which may be their temporary salvation). This would be the second such flotilla allowing for the plural use of the word in Hebrew for "fleets".

The Targum Yonatan in another one of his amazing visions said that the principle city in sending these fleets of ships would be Costantina, which is Constantinople now known as Istanbul, Turkey. There is one "problem" with Yonatan ben Uziel's sweeping description of End Times events. Rav Yonatan lived at the beginning of the first century of the common era before the destruction of the 2nd Temple. Constantine lived a full three centuries after the Targum Yonatan's death. There was no Constantinople for at least three centuries after the death of the Targum Yonaton!!! Yet, there it is, the name of the city in black and white, another unbelievable proof of the veracity of the Oral Torah!

If the military from Greece with the support from the population overthrows Greek Parliament in a coup and rejects the recently passed austerity measures, it would seem both the Euro and then the dollar will collapse in relatively short order. Or it could happen in another way. Either way the New World Order already has a plan: ten economic superstates, each with their own "governor" and currency. These economic superstates will be Free Trade Associations. So the Euro will be resurrected. NAFTA will have a north American currency, and so forth.

Only in Eretz Yisrael will a different leader arise (or he is already here) who will not fit the mold. That would be Mashiach ben Yosef. It will be only because of Mashiach ben Yosef that the world economy will begin to improve in the 4th year of the Shmittah cycle 5772.

The world will hate him, and it will be through this that Moshiach ben Yosef will subdue Edom and destroy Amalek over a 3 1/2 year period.

In Edom itself things will not be going so well. So an 11th horn either from Amalek or Yishmael will subdue 3 of the 10 governors, take over the shebang and come chasing after Israel. If he is a European Armilus as opposed to the Erev Rav Armolgus, he will be from Amalek and the complete destruction of Amalek will proceed from there (the Gemora and later sources hint a repeat from Germania shel Edom, aka Germany). If he is from Yishmael (from the Arabs), he may be Barack Obama, maybe, or he may be a European Muslim, and he will end with the killing of Moshiach  ben Yosef at the end of 3 1/2 years.  And then Moshiach ben David will arise in Tishrei or Cheshvan of the year after the Shmittah year.

The next Shmittah year is 5775. Any questions?

In short to fit the cycle described by the years in relation to the Shmittah year and extending from current events, the Redemption could start full steam with the collapse of the dollar by Rosh Chodesh Av 5771.  This will definitely vary in accordance to HaShem's wishes, but I verily believe that the timetable will proceed in this manner give or take a couple of months.

Everyone should, G-d willing, have a great Chodesh (New Moon) of what used to be a horrible month, Tamuz. The mazal for the month is the Crab which in Hebrew is the same name as the jener machalah, that horrible dreaded disease, the Big C. But this year, I verily believe the curse is on our enemies in Edom.

This includes even on America. Why you may ask? Well ask Gog W. Bush why in the Spring of 2002, 6 months after 9/11, the IDF could not put a bullet in Yasser Arafat's head while he wanted to put a bullet in Bin Laden's head. Arafat was holed up in his Ramallah compound during Operation Defensive Wall after bloody Adar and then the Pesach massacre. Gog W. Bush, Jr. sent Colin Powell to tell Sharon that the IDF could not put a bullet in Arafat's head even though he had been personally responsible for the death of over a thousand innocent non-combatant Jews.

Through the Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade Arafat continued to murder Jews until his death 2 1/2 years later probably from AIDS. At least 200 Jews cry out from the grave because of Gog W.'s demand. And America's plea stinks before the Heavenly Court. Since Bush probably made that demand to appease the Saudis to keep ratcheting up oil production, it is the American dollar that has to crash, measure for measure.

Yours Truly (Dov bar Leib) decided that we needed to make Aliyah within the year because of this blatant ugly hypocrisy. Why other Jews did not follow suit, well perhaps they have forgotten that human decency is kadmah to the Torah. The gentile world is liable for its human indecency that Gog W. Bush demonstrated when he demanded that Arafat remain alive.

** An addition by Reb Akiva… **

There’s a few ways to interpret the Navi (biblical prophet) Ovadiah.  In a not overly complicated straightforward reading, it can easily be understood to apply to the United States and the punishments it will suffer for suddenly turning it’s back on it’s supposed friend who it treated almost as a brother, Israel.  Note Ovadiah does not say the nation referred to will be destroyed, but rather “punished in kind”.

America has had tremendous merit for the (generally) good treatment of it’s Jewish citizens, it’s support of Israel (even though it was usually for it’s own geopolitical purposes) and it’s general kindness world wide (though again many times or even most of the time this was aligned with it’s geopolitical purposes, sometimes it was straight clear charity.)  Yet those merits can and are being exhausted.


  1. The U. S. A. seem to have been very good to the Jews living within its midst, as long as they were staunch AMERICANS. AMERICANS who practice the Jewish faith.
    Look at why Jonathan Pollard is being punished so severely - He showed that he was TOO Jewish for the Americans.
    The U.S.A. State Department has ALWAYS been as anti-Israel as the worst of them, and now with a Muslim president thay make a great anti-Israel team.

  2. Shimsar,
    Take a look at this. I have a problem with some of the things you are saying. As an American who lived in the US almost my entire life (I now B"H live in Israel) I think it is dangerous to make the statements that you are making without completely supporting them.
    The US backed out of the flotilla sham because Israel has "legitimate security concerns that must continue to be safeguarded".

    It supported Israel’s position that anyone wanting to send aid to Gaza can use "established channels so that their cargo can be inspected and transferred via established land crossings."

    The Quartet’s statement added a sting to Hamas and its supporters by calling for an end to the "deplorable five-year detention of Gilad Shalit,”


    Targum Pseudo-Jonathan is a western targum (translation) of the Torah (Pentateuch) from the land of Israel (as opposed to the eastern Babylonian Targum Onkelos). Its correct title is Targum Yerushalmi ("Jerusalem Targum"), which is how it was known in medieval times. But because of a printer's mistake it was later labeled Targum Jonathan, in reference to Jonathan ben Uzziel. Some editions of the Pentateuch continue to call it "Targum Jonathan" to this day.

    The Talmud relates that Yonatan ben Uziel, a student of Hillel, fashioned an Aramaic translation of the Prophets. It makes no mention of any translation by him of the Torah. So all scholars agree that this Targum is not due to Yonatan ben Uziel. Indeed, de Rossi (16th century) reports that he saw two very similar complete Targumim to the Torah, one called Targum Yonatan Ben Uziel and the other called Targum Yerushalmi. A standard explanation is that the original title of this work was Targum Yerushalmi, which was abbreviated to ת"י (TY), and these initials were then incorrectly expanded to Targum Yonatan which was then further incorrectly expanded to Targum Yonatan ben Uziel. For these reasons, scholars call it "Targum Pseudo-Jonathan".

  4. A true Navi needs credentials, not only a story.

  5. what? the greeks just stopped 2, count 'em 2!!! flotilla ships and arrested the captain of the american ship...they stopped these ships from sailing out of greece. what are you talking about? you don't read the news????

  6. I appreciate the imagination and some torah knowledge the writer posseses. That said this has nothing to do with reality . The ramchal explains this prosess from nevuah unlike this writer ! its very sad hes not quoted on this site as no one was accepted by both the mitnagdim and chasidim as the holy ramchal . He was so holy he died for the generation according to the besht. Why the lubavitcher rebbe didnt quote him is very bogus to me , I know he hated the gra for what happened to the baal hatanya , but the ramchal was awesome and no one has ever explained the geulah prosesses like him .


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