Thursday, July 14, 2011


The Boy Did It

true stories from the Western Wall by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths

image003 (8)     The man refused to put on tefillin. Israelis can be very tough, and once they say “no”, they do not want to appear weak by giving in and changing their minds. So, first I try to soften them up.

    “Okay then, instead of putting on tefillin, give your son a blessing.”

    This is my first move in such cases. They are almost always very attached to their children, and they usually agree to give them a blessing. I had him put his right hand on the boy’s head and read the blessing of the kohanim (priests). This is the traditional blessing that fathers give to their children on Friday night after coming home from the synagogue.

      After the blessing, I told him to pray for what he wanted G-d to give the boy. The fathers always reach into their hearts for the best that they could possibly wish for their sons.

     He did all this, but still, when I tried again to have him put on tefillin, he refused. Okay, so his refusal was a tiny bit softer than when I first asked, but his “no” still meant “NO!” So I pulled out my biggest tool.

     I turned to the little boy and said, “Tell your father to put on tefillin.”

     The little boy picked up on it right away. He looked up at his father and said, “Aba, put on tefillin.”

     The father looked down at his son and said, “Do you want me to put on tefillin?”

     The boy said, “Yes.”

     The father smiled, and we walked over to the tefillin stand and put on tefillin.

     I told the boy, “This is your mitzvah. It is only because of you that your father is putting on tefillin.” He beamed.

     From the picture above, you see that they had a good time with the tefillin. They always do. It’s just the animal inclination that we all have that refuses to do a mitzvah. Our holy inclination loves to do mitzvahs, but you have to get the animal to agree.

Video link - Fathers blessing their sons at the Kotel


  1. On something similar, I heard a nice drasha recently about overcoming yetzer hara, specifically for something 'inane' as saying tikun hatzot. The advice was that yetzer hara will not want you to wake up to do that and work hard to make you resist. So instead you have to fool the yetzer hara. Engage it to 'help you' and then exploit that window. The rabbi said, that getting up for tikun hatzot will be hard, but just say you are waking up for a drink from the fridge, and then exploit that window.

  2. Gutman, there is no problem of a Jew wanting to do a mitzvah from God. It's the ones made up by men that cause us problems.

  3. reb gutman you are the BEST of the BEST!!!! Hashem yishmorcha ad 120!!!!

  4. your the best i post u everyday to all my facebook friends #Help& #Blog #Inspired 4our #Ethiopian #Students #now


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