Sunday, June 26, 2011


Those Who Bless You…

…will be blessed.

A brief video by U.S. Presidential Candidate Michelle Bachman talking about Israel.


  1. It doesn't matter, she's a Christian.

  2. This is no blessing. This is replacement theology by another name. American culture is assimilating our people into oblivion in their country and now they are bringing it personally into Eretz Yisrael. She has been invited by Glenn Beck to participate in his Restoring Courage Rally along with Sarah Palin and other Dominionists.

  3. Devash, is Obama more your style?

    We obviously can't count on non-Jews to back us 100% (they'd become Jews, then), but something in today's threatening political climate is far better than nothing. It's our job to take help from where it comes while avoiding assimilation.

  4. (actually they'd become Jews or official Bnai Noach then)


    A politician is a liar is a politician.

  6. Bob Miller, it is not one or the other. it is us alone with HKB"H. We don't need the goyim of any stripe.

  7. Bachmann is one of those Christians who will love Israel to death, literally. Evangelists like her believe that all Jews must be in Israel, than Israel destroyed in an armageddon in order for Christ to make an appearance.


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