Sunday, June 26, 2011


Tel Aviv Vistas

by Reb Akiva, Have Camera, Will Click @ Mystical Paths

Tel Aviv is the Jewish metropolis.  It’s a Mediterranean business capital, a vacation destination, a beachside town, a new city being less than 100 years old (while nearby Jaffa has stones of antiquity, Tel Aviv was built from scratch on sand dunes and scrub land.)

Business brought me through Tel Aviv last week, here’s a few pictures…

Tree lined vistas and medium sized apartment/condo blocks make up most of residential Tel Aviv.


The hotel district along the beachfront isn’t particularly anything special from the outside, though very nice on the inside.


The Tel Aviv beach is stunning.  An open public beach is not a place for a religious Jew to hang out (not exactly what you’d call modest), but Tel Aviv has set aside a beach area on the northern side of the beach as a religious beach – separate days/hours for men and women. (That’s right, secular Tel Aviv has a religious beach.)


And boating…


Tel Aviv is not renowned for it’s religiousness or Jewishness, actually quite the opposite.  But even so it’s still a city with many a (orthodox) synagogue and much Jewishness.  Here, on the beach, is the Aish HaTorah’s Tel Aviv center.  It goes under cover so as not to scare away the violently secular, “Aish – Wisdom for Life”…


Trying to prove their environmental greenness, the city of Tel Aviv has installed a bike rental system in key areas.  If you want to pedal your way around Tel Aviv on the spur of the moment in the Mediterranean heat, now you can!


The last item has no picture.  The Azrielli towers are the largest buildings in Israel and Tel Aviv.  A mall and 3 business towers.  As I entered them I saw a new sign, “Azrielli Synagogue, This Way”.  The heart of the secular business district in Israel now has it’s own synagogue.

That’s Israel!


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