Sunday, June 12, 2011


Political Opinion is “Incitement”?

A Chabad community site reports from Israel…

A group of Chabad Chassidim from Tzfas (Safed), Israel were arrested on Friday for carrying signs that read "The Lubavitcher Rebbe Warns: Giving Land - Submission To The Enemy," accused of 'incitement against the Prime Minister.'

Leading members of Israel's coalition government arrived in the Israeli city of Tzfas (Safed) this past Friday to spend the weekend in northern Israel.

Local Chabad Chassidim utilized the opportunity to peacefully protest the ceding of land to the Arabs, marching with banners stating "The Lubavitcher Rebbe Warns: Giving land - Submission To The Enemy."

After some three hours of protesting, a vehicle pulled up alongside them. Out stepped members of the security detail of the visiting politicians, who notified them that they are under arrest, and hauled them away to the local police station.

(Similar protestors who were beside them, protesting for government action to release Gilad Shalit, were left alone by the police. – see the picture)

At the station, they were interrogated by local police and members of the Israel Internal Security Police, the Shabak.

They were told by their interrogators that they were arrested for 'incitement against the Prime Minister.'  Following the intervention of local community figures and members of the Knesset, they were released on bail late Friday afternoon, sparing them from spending Shabbos behind bars.

A court date was set for Sunday.

The secular Israeli government is VERY worried about a significant public movement, particularly by the religious public, on the Land of Israel and will take measures to suppress the possibility.


  1. What about the bloggers? Are we still safe to write about this stuff? Will they come and arrest us all for printing the truth?

  2. Devorah, truthfully, no one is safe now. If the public actually knew what is happening right under their noses, all hell would break loose. But the powers to be are very careful in all their moves. I don't know the motives or all the opinions but it seems to me that even the big rabbi's are remaining silent, possibly to watch it fall apart to usher in the geulah (assuming haShem has sent the answer) or they have been warned within an inch of their lives.

    There is a blog you all are familiar with, written by a Haredi Jew, who stated it's treason what some of the elite are doing. I was actually suprised he said it and thank God nothing came of it against him.

    We are in a dangerous time and to warn Jews is against the law. If you look carefully at what the media is saying, along with Erekat for example, a deal has been cut. I read from a very reliable blog, some 6 months ago that a deal was already done and Bibi was trying to save face in saving the settlement blocks. Looks today that that is exactly the case.

    I have a good friend who is Haredi, and he finally has awaken to the fact that he might be out of his home. His rabbi of the yishuv won't say anything. Either he is unaware or has been told to shut up.

    Troubled day's ahead folks.

  3. Has anyone seen the video Yesh Din Ve Yesh Dayan?
    Well here is the link
    This should be our response to all those who scheme to give up Jewish land to the arabs.

  4. This sounds like very minor police harassment. If there is a big movement against giving land away, there is nothing really the government can do to repress it and they know it. There was a huge anti-disengagement movement a few years back, and was it repressed in any significant way?

  5. Did they contact Honenu?

  6. This morning, hundreds of police stormed into Yitzhar to arrest people associated with the independant news source 'Kol Yehudi' and confiscate their computers. Last night, Kol Yehudi had publicized a document leaked to them about one of the senior commanders instructing to be wary of soldiers who live in Judea and Samaria and to put them in positions where they might not meddle too much.


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