Friday, June 10, 2011

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Kotel Attacked, Jewish Response

A few hours ago the Arabs on Har Habayit (what the modern day creation of “Palestinians” calls Al Aqsa) decided to attempt mass murder against the Jews praying at the Western Wall.  They did this by throwing brick sized stones down upon the Jews (from the equivalent of 10 stories above), a blatant attempt of murder and desecration of the most holy place of Judaism (that is currently readily accessible – the holiest place being the Temple Mount itself).

In response the enraged Jews declared jihad on the arabs, rushed en masse to Al Aqsa, slaughtered those attempting murder and perpetrating desecration and torn down their house of prayer brick by brick.  Just kidding.  Rather, the Jewish worshippers at the Western Wall ran for the lives while the Israeli police rushed up onto Har Habayit and dispersed the (attempted) murderers with tear gas and rubber bullets.

At the same time a West Bank Jewish village was invaded by 200 arabs and the synagogue burned down.

Expecting world condemnation or a response is clearly a waste of time.  But why the Israeli government continues to offer them free access to the Temple Mount when they do this…that I don’t understand.

Video of the attack on the Western Wall.


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