Wednesday, June 01, 2011

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Jerusalem on Jerusalem Day – Part 2

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

Part 1 here.

The Holy City of Jerusalem, especially the Old City, has been a repeated war zone.  Most of the scars are gone (though the bullet holes around the entry gates are still there), but small quiet markers show some of the others…

“This was the communal grave site during the 1948 war. During the siege burials were not possible outside the city, so the rabbis gave permission to use this site. The graves were re-interred on the Mt. of Olives after the 1967 recapture.”

2011-05-31 Jerusalem Tour 050

2011-05-31 Jerusalem Tour 053

People fought and gave their lives and today, the Jewish sections of the Old City thrive.  (The other sections are doing ok too, from tourism and so forth. But only the Jewish people pour money in to build up Jerusalem.  Others just give the least possible to still maintain their buildings and (false) claims.)

2011-05-31 Jerusalem Tour 041

2011-05-31 Jerusalem Tour 042

The Old City is inspirational to many, in many ways.  This little corridor has an interesting giant hanging wind-chime sculpture.  (People touring in various groups, many with Israeli flags, where everywhere for the beginning of Jerusalem Day.)

2011-05-31 Jerusalem Tour 061

The Kotel, the Western Wall plaza area, continues to grow.  They completed the Robinson archeological park, which includes an underground center.  The back of the plaza is now being worked on, as they found part of the mall/shop area from the time of the 2nd Beis HaMikdash (Holy Temple) and are preparing it for visitors.  The Kotel tunnel visitors area now includes several conference rooms, a synagogue, a ladies section that overhangs the men’s covered-Kotel area, and more.  And plans for opening the complete area under the current Kotel plaza, as well as connecting it to Ir Dovid (the City of David) are in the works.

2011-05-31 Jerusalem Tour 066

2011-05-31 Jerusalem Tour 082

2011-05-31 Jerusalem Tour 080

…more to come, stop back for Part 3.


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