Thursday, June 23, 2011

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How Do You Do A Mitzvah?

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths

image003 (4)     When we do a mitzvah, any mitzvah, we are representing, obeying, serving, pleasing, magnifying the will of, and increasing the manifest glory of the Holy King. This King is the actual Creator of all Existence. Now, how do you think we ought to do this mitzvah?

     How should we stand (or sit)? What expression should be on our face? What should be our attitude, dress, feeling, attention, intention, mindset be? Who should we be aware of?

     If only we would pay attention to these things when we do a mitzvah, our faces would shine with the Brilliant Light that is referred to in the Sefer Ha Bahir.[i] We would discover spiritual joy, humility, and awareness of G-d’s Eternal Presence. We would experience momentary fulfillment of our purpose in having been created, and our lives would take on new meaning.

     So why don’t we?

     Well, “I’ve done them so many times already… and nothing ever really happens.” “You know they are just customs, right?” “Isn’t it enough that I am doing them? Do you have to insist on more?” and on and on….

     Life is a journey that goes to where you lead it. You can concentrate on having a great lunch, or on having a spiritual awakening. Both are available.

     How about, for one week, try spending as much time working to reveal your true spiritual nature as you do preparing lunch. Try to remember Who It is you are really working for. Guess what will happen?

[i] The Bahir is one of the oldest and most important of all Kabbalistic texts.

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