Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Fooled Me for a Moment

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

I received a friend request on Facebook from a very Jewish sounding organization.  [A nice religious sounding Jewish word] Broadcasting with a nice Moshiach/Geulah oriented image [the gates of mercy in the Old City of Jerusalem opening for Moshiach].


I’ve taken to doing a bit more profile viewing than in the past before accepting an unknown “friend”, not sure if I did that here or not.  I then received this message:

“Shalom Aleichem [hebrew religious greeting]... nice to meet you! Todah [thank you in hebrew]! thx for adding me as your friend. Lehit ra'ot [see you later in hebrew].”

Good so far.  Nice for people to be friendly.  But it came with this…

“[A nice religious sounding Jewish word] Broadcasting – Global Evangelism Ministry …. to teach Torah through the spoken and written word of Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus).”

GRRRRRR that upset me!  Acting Jewish and religious Jewish as a mask to make contact for Christianity!  More than a little riled up, I sent back a rather harsh response…

“Sorry, my bad and a nice cover up on your part. I don't worship dead man gods, nor have any interest in those teaching idol worship. Thanks anyway.”

He sent back…

“Sorry don't understand how you say this... but it sounds as you don't believe in Heshem so sorry for you... Be Blessed! stay cool man and walk in love of the Father.”

G-d is One and there is only one G-d.  G-d does not have a father, mother, brother, sister, wife, concubine or pet dog.  (Sorry, no Holy Woof Woof.)

In Torah Judaism we may refer to G-d, the One G-d, by different names.  Each name refers to a different aspect of our relationship with and interaction with the One Infinite G-d.  Just as I may be referred to as Akiva by a friend, Reb Akiva by a blog reader, rabbi by someone asking Torah questions, Mr. Paths at my workplace, or Tatti (Daddy) by my children yet still be one person, our references to names and aspects of the Infinite One G-d all refer to only One.

holydogOn the mystical side the most confusing may be references to the Shechina, the Divine Presence.  This is yet another reference to an aspect of G-d’s interaction with this physical world and an expression of particular attributes as well as a bit of direct Divine attention operating in the physical world.  SOMEHOW in the Xian world this concept, poorly reflected through the fun house mirror, was translated as “the holy ghost” or the holy spirit.

Regardless, whenever one wants to talk about the father, son, casper the friendly ghost, the mother, brother, sister, concubine or the holy woof woof, they are NOT talking about the One G-d of Judaism and are often veering into idol worship.

Don’t be fooled, there are cyber-missionaries dressed up in Hebrew terminology and religiously photoshopped graphics.  But when they wish “the love of the holy woof woof”…it’s not kosher.

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  1. be careful of these guys:


  2. Personally, like anyone raised in an Christian atmosphere these understandings are never presented.
    Mostly, Jewish people get explained away as the older brothers and sisters of the Christian faith, who will have to except Christ at the end time. Not that any of us thought this way, it was just another example of religious one up man ship.
    I prefer my faith to make sense, some logic helps one connect the dots. The trinity never ever made any sense, the whole dying for my sins never made any sense.
    Your explanation of G-D simply overwhelms the above craziness, it's a shame cultic thinking blocks any rational attempt to understand the truth.
    But, some of us get it after a while due to the mind bending fear and guilt presented to us as Christ's love, and the endless conflicts within their churches.
    Please, never stop presenting the true understanding of G-D.


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