Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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The Canary

A canary in a coal mine is an expression meaning an early warning.  Canaries are extremely sensitive to methane gas, which is odorless and can build up in mines and kill the miners through explosions or lack of oxygen.  The canary would pass out and stop chirping before the gas was dangerous to the miners.

MSNBC - Iran's Revolutionary Guards tested 14 missiles on Tuesday, the second day of war games intended a show of strength to the Islamic Republic's enemies in Israel and Washington.  The surface-to-surface missiles, with a maximum range of 1,250 miles, were fired simultaneously at a single target, the official Irianian News Agency reported. The missiles put Israel, U.S. bases in the Persian Gulf and parts of southeastern and eastern Europe within Iran's reach.

The head of the Revolutionary Guards' aerospace division emphasized Iran's preparedness to strike Israeli and U.S. interests in the event of any attack on Iran.  “The range of our missiles has been designed based on American bases in the region as well as the Zionist regime," Commander Amir Ali Hajizadeh told the semi-official Fars news agency.

The Jews may be the canary in the coal mine, the early warning of the threat as Iran has armed Hizbollah and orchestrated attacks against Israel.  The canary is the early warning, not to be ignored.

THIS WARNING is direct and straight, far beyond the little birdie.  Anyone listening?

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