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Beyond Human (or Even Animal) Hatred

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by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths

     The Gemara tells us that whenever something happens to us, good or bad, we should try to see what behavior of ours brought it about. It says that the results must somehow fit their causes in order for us to be able to learn from it.[i]

     We see today a depth of hatred that has never been seen before. When the natzis, y’msh (may their names be erased) hated us, they just wanted to destroy us. The arab murderer does not just want to kill a Jew. He wants to dip his hands in our blood. This is not even animal behavior, it is demented.

     If you really want to do something to defend a Jew from their knives, this is what you can do. Sub-animal hatred can only be reversed with above-human love.

     Open your heart to a Jew, like an angel would. At first, pick an easy Jew to love, someone you know and already really like. Feel love for him, or better yet, do something nice for him. Even just call him up and wish him well.

     Then, see if you can spread that love to more Jews, and maybe you can do something for them, too. Spend time each day just loving Jews. For instance, you can think of some of the contributions that Jews have made to the world. Did you know that even though only one out of 510 people in the world are Jewish, one out of four Noble Prize winners are Jews! Wow, what a great people. When you look around you will be amazed by our impact on the world. Make sure that you give to Jewish charities. Try to figure some way to help Jews in your neighborhood.

     Anything that you do anywhere to increase your love for a Jew, especially if it makes no sense for you to love him, will protect other innocent Jews from an arab’s senseless hatred.

     Oh, and it will make you feel better, too.

[i] Gemara Berachos 5a

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  1. Dear Reb Gutman:

    I would wish to reply to your most recent post.

    I concur wholeheatedly that Yidden must embrac the concept of gratuitous love.We must not overlook the other mitzvos (Talmud Torah, Shabbas, Yom Tov, kashrus, taharas mispocha,tefilla, mezuzah, tzisis, etc.), but no other mitzvah can accelerate the Final Geulah as can Ahavas Israel. As an American Negro who converted to Torah Judaism, I unfortunately observe the factionalism in the frum world. I have not received Shabbos invitations because I am black. People have told me that they would not marry a convert ( a convert was good enough for Moshe Rabbineu, bit a convert is not good enough for you). People are judged by the style of their kippah, whether their grandfather wears a black hat and if their mother serves meatballs on Friday night. Mordern Orthodox have an agenda against Haredi and vice versa. This nonsense must discontinue. We have no one but ourselves to blame for the delay in the Geulh.

    Your article alludes to the disproportinate number of Jewish Noble Prie Laureates. Of this achic=vement, we can be justly proud. However, it raises some issues. Firstly, we must be aware of gaaivah. If Jews possess certain intellectual gifts, it is because the Aibishter endowed us with those giftys to serve Him and humanity. We must never disdain others who may not havce similiarly blessed. Secondly, hvery few Nobel Prize winners are frum. Would this not suggest that that time and energy that one must dedicate to one's career to be considered for a Noble Prize precludes maximum committment to Yiddishkeit? The 15 hours a day I'm working in my lab is 15 hours that I'm not learning Tanach, halach, Midrash or Gemara. Katherine Hepburn nce observed that she could become a great actress or a great wife and mother. She could not become both. Who knows? Perhaps if the noble Prize winners dedicated their prodigious gifts to disseminating Torah, their contributions to mankind would have been even greater. There is no necewssity to discover a cure for an illness or negotiate a peace treaty to avert war if your Talmud Torah, chesed and tefillah result in the appearance of Moshiach and illness an war are eliminated.

    Guten erev Shabbos.
    lommer deleben Moshiach.

    Yours faithfully,
    Bill McCaulleyr


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