Tuesday, May 24, 2011


It’s My Nose

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths

image003 (1)      Reb Yitzchak is a survivor. Early one morning, well before sunrise, I noticed that his shel rosh (tefillin head piece) had slipped to the side. I reached up to straighten it for him. He laughed, as he usually does, and said, “It’s not my tefillin that’s crooked, it’s my nose!”

     I looked at his nose and saw what he meant. It’s odd… but I have known him for many years, and I had never noticed that his nose was crooked.

     “What happened?” I asked.

     He said, “A nazi smashed me in the face with a club when I was a little boy.”

     I winced and thought, “This guy went through all that, yet he smiles all the time.”

     I guess you can either be bitter that such a thing happened to you, as a lot of guys are, or you can be happy that it’s over. I thought back to a couple of miserable things that I went through. I shook my head, smiled a little, and thought, “Thank G-d, they’re over.”


  1. Dear Rabbi Akiva,
    A friend has been to see many top specialist to help him with various physical aches and pains. They have done the best they can in treating him. Yet he is still in a lot of pain to the degree that he now contemplates seeing a Hindu Guru who runs a health farm. He believes in 'mind over matter'. No problems here. I do too.
    What worries me thought is my belief that his meditations may be connected to Avodah Zara, chas v'shalom. I am worried sick. Are my fears founded?

  2. Tell your friend to try Chi Gung. It is Chinese medicine at its best, and it works. The patient just has to lie down and the doctor does whatever he does. The patient does not have to enter any meditative states and repeat the names of Hindu or Buddhist gods. Yes, there are 12 energy meridians in the human body. These are discussed by commentaries on the Torah. I am trying to recollect where in Hertz's commentary I saw this, and Hertz even mentioned 10 of the 12 meridians that I saw on my Chinese doctor's wall. One does not have to be a Hindu or a Buddhist to believe that Eastern medicine does work and heals inter-connective tissue disorders.


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