Sunday, May 15, 2011

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Israel – Don’t Get the Wrong Impression

2011-05-06 Granpa Fayga Akiva by Tel Nof 025

News reports indicate border clashes, protests, thousands marching and shouting.  Drudgereport SCREAMS “Middle East on FIRE!!!”.

Umm, yeah, I guess, somewhere.  It was a normal work day and a normal school day throughout Israel.  No exceptional security measures were noticeable.  Life was pretty normal.

In a few Arab neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, the local youth paraded before row after row of reporters with bricks in hand and covered faces…see, they’re protesting and ready to riot (more reporters than youths present).

In Gaza, moderate crowds of thousands protested before reporters at the Rafah (Gaza) / Egypt border.  (Got that, they’re protesting against Israel’s existence at the Egyptian CLOSED border.)  Keeping reporters busy is important as a major component of the local economy.

In Tel Aviv, an Israeli Arab truck driver decided to see how many Jews he could plow down with his truck.  This was serious with 1 killed and 17 injured.  Next month you’ll hear how Israeli trucking companies are discriminatory for refusing to hire Arab drivers but not why.

The real moves today were a battle technique perfected in Iran…the human wave attack.  You get a bunch of dupes hyped up on either propaganda, drugs or threats to their families.  You then aim hundreds or thousands of them at armed positions, hoping they’ll either overwhelm the position or play upon the humanity of the soldiers (the wave will often contain or be children).

Such attacks were attempted at the northern Gaza border crossing, a Ramallah check point near Jerusalem, the Lebanese / Israel border, and the Syria / Israel border in the Golan.  Human wave attacks were ineffective and bloody when Iran tried them against Iraq, and were equally ineffective and bloody today when tried against Israel.

Thank G-d, Israel stayed safe today (I am not discounting the terror truck attack in Tel Aviv).  And a lot of people were injured and died for Arab propaganda play, because that’s all it was.

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  1. Sorry, the human wave did work. No one knows how many people stayed behind in Israel. Baruch Hashem, no soldier was kidnapped.

    It is a miracle that this has not happened already in Judea and Samaria. An entire town just walking into a community. Nonetheless, some of it is owed to the previous generation that perfected the 'price tag' operation when Jewish residents would react to Arab violence by driving into their villages and exacting an eye for an eye X 10.


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