Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Is It Hard To Be a Jew?

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths

image003 (5)Photo - A Sadhu (Hindu) serves his god.

Did you ever hear a “religious” Jew complain how hard it is to be a Jew? Reb Moshe Feinstein, the Rosh Hayeshiva, (of blessed memory), said of every Jew who said this, that his children left Torah observance.

     It is not hard to follow the Torah’s precepts. These rules come to take away a burden, not to add to our burdens. When you do a mitzvah the way it is commanded, it brings joy, not sorrow. In fact, spiritual joy is a sign that you did the mitzvah correctly.

     If you were standing on a very tall building, close to the edge of the roof, and there were no guard rails, what would you say? “Hey! What’s going on here? This is a dangerous situation! Where are the guard rails?” The obvious truth is that life’s normal days offer much more danger than an unguarded roof.

     Have you ever seen to what extremes some of the idolatrous religions will go in order to “find” their answer? And what do we have to do? Put on tefillin. Take a day off work each week. Marry a Jew. Is any of this really difficult?


  1. not really but then there's the added stringencies upon added stringencies chumra upon chumra fences upon fences min ha makom's and bituls to the klal this is the way we do it on top of just plain peer pressure or intolerance of those who do not think act or behave exactly like you do or who dare to have a viewpont that's threatening to your ego or the comfortable little box you've put yourself in along with the ole yetzer hara saying to hell with this get out....

  2. most jews left idiots look at tel aviv haifa , look at jdate maybe 1 religious jew shomer shabbat every 200 people ! it isnt hard to get matrried thats a good one i was at a orthodox singles event in nyc 2 years ago 300 men 24-50 10 women showed up !

  3. Crazy Noachide SmadeMay 11, 2011 4:31 PM

    I was listening to Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro's shiur on Derech HaShem the other day and he says that Reb Moshe says like this:

    "(Siz shver tzu sein a yid? It's hard to be a Jew?) No! It's not HARD to be a Jew! It's hard NOT to be a Jew! It's hard to be a Goy! It's not HARD to be frum! It's hard NOT to be frum! It's hard to live a meaningless, purposeless, structureless, directionless life. It's hard to live a life knowing that you have nothing to look forward to except the grave!"


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