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He Told Them to Put a Cross On His Coffin

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


     Picture this scene if you will. It actually happened last week in Germany. Mr. Andreas Yaffe was on his death bed. He was born shortly before the holocaust began in Germany. In order to save her life, his mother baptized both Andreas and herself into the Catholic Church.

     As it turned out, his mother did not have to convert him, because she was able to send him on the Kindertransport to England. Kindertransport (Children's Transport) was the informal name of a series of rescue efforts which brought thousands of refugee Jewish children to Great Britain from Nazi Germany between 1938 and 1940. These children never saw their parents again. As cruel as it is to permanently separate a young child from his parents, it saved his life.

     He grew up in England in the church as a believing catholic. He went to church on Sundays and maintained all of the catholic beliefs and rituals. As an adult, he moved back to Germany and married a German, catholic woman. They have two children, a son and a daughter.

     Andreas’ son, Ludwig, married and had two children. A few years ago, he began to wonder about his father’s family name. His father told him that he had a Jewish mother and that they are descendants of a famous Rabbi called “The Levush.

     When Ludwig heard this, he began to study Judaism. He grew a beard and started to wear a head covering. His father became very upset, since he did not want to believe that he was a Jew.

     When a Chabad sheliach (messenger) met the father, he gave him some Jewish books and helped him to put on tefillin. Andreas agreed only because he did not want to be nasty to the rabbi, but whenever they spoke, he always insisted that he was catholic and that he believed in that god.

     About a year ago, the rabbi visited them again, and as he was leaving, the wife stood by the door. She told him very strongly that her husband was a catholic and that he did not want to “convert” and become a Jew. The rabbi told her that her husband did not have to convert to become a Jew because he already was one. At first, she was totally shocked. Can you imagine a German woman hearing that all those years she was married to a Jew! Then her shock turned to anger.

     Meanwhile, their son, Ludwig, began to convert to Judaism. He is bringing his wife and their children with him. The wife seems to be going along with his conversion plans.

     Last week, the father was in the hospital, and the doctors told the family that he would die any hour. Hearing this, his son tried his best to do what needed to be done in order to give his father a proper Jewish burial, but his mother fought desperately to prevent this. Obviously, she wanted to maintain her and her husband’s idolatrous beliefs. A priest was called to say the “last rites.”

     Ludwig tried to put tefillin on his father just before he died, but his mother would not allow it. She insisted on nothing Jewish. He did manage to get the head tefillin on his father’s head before his mother pushed him away. He also slipped a small pair of tzitzits (fringes) into his father’s coffin.

     Andreas died and was buried in a catholic cemetery, with a priest performing the burial. There is a cross on his coffin. Although his wife was sad that her husband had died, she was satisfied that she was able to prevent him from doing anything Jewish.

     Now the son is trying to bring his wife and children to Israel, to complete their conversion.

     So where do our emotions lie? Do we say that the man wanted to be buried as a catholic so we should not interfere? It is correct to say that since he completely rejected Judaism, we should have just left him alone and let him do what he wanted? Should we respect the rights of his wife? After all, like her, her husband was a catholic his entire life. She does not want anyone to even know that her husband was a Jew!

     Or, do we side with the son, who for some reason, realized what it means to be a Jew, and desperately tried to give his father the best that he deserved?

     If you believe, as I am sure quite of few of you do, that the rabbi and the son should have respected Andreas and his wife’s wishes and allowed them to do what they wanted, then there is not much left to the story.

     But, if you believe it is wrong that there is a cross on a Jew’s coffin, and that he should have had a decent Jewish burial instead… (Remember, Andreas was torn away from his Jewish roots by an unbelievably cruel despot, and that none of this was his fault) then the only question is: Do you know anyother Jews in a similar situation? If so, what can you do to help them before it is too late?


  1. All I can say is may that man as hes called in the talmud who Hashem for whatever peculiar reason allowed him to make lofty claims and miracles using the holiest name of names on which heaven and earth are joined the holiest name which is so holy I dont want to mention it for we are so far from it today . He deceived billions with it uprooted almost the whole foundations of torah with it countless pogroms blood libels the holocaust all his countries pressuring israel to abandon its land . The question really IS why did Hashem give him this name of names ? To cause all this . Thats why they believe mystical paths jc had and has the name attached to him as idolatrous and warped its become . May Hashem soon destroy his angel and our nemesis the satan .

  2. Annon, your ignorance of the historical Jew is amazing. News flash, he has nothing to do with the idolotrous pagan religion of xtianity.

    Put it this way, we slit the throats of the pagan gods of Egypt during chag hamatzot, they got even with us, stole our kosher Torah observant Jew who taught Jews to ignore the rabbi's takanot and to only follow Moshe (the written Torah), paganized him and then murdered for the next 1900 years anyone who followed him as a Jew and of course any Jew who refused to follow the LIE. It's no suprise why the rabbi's got rid of him now. It's all about power and control of the sheeple. Not about truly living the Torah as Moshe gave us. Looks like we have all been hoodwinked now.

    Don't blame him, blame those who changed his teachings. That goes for those you even follow today.

  3. no shiloh I blame him he used the holiest name in the torah the shem hameforash to make claims as god/messiah and do wonders through this name . The strength of the church and religious xtians rests from the power he used with this name !Is there a greater exile of 2000 years then your enemy using indrectely maybe gods name to slay you and alter your torah . By the way thats why the greatest rabbis like the besht ramchal gra abir yaakov said how important kabbalistic study is for both individual and general tikkun of the olam and the geulah from edom who hes the god of ! As for religious jews dont tell me you were in there thoughts and hearts for 2000 years and know whatever you know thats pure givah and hogwash the opposite of this name who its intrusted too.

  4. I mean not intrusted to jc lahavdile I feel that was a strong error but there are occasional tzaddikim who know this name .

  5. Annon, I know the results of the decisions of the rabbi's and where it's got us today. The Torah describes it so well. The prophets also warned us. Like day's of old, we won't listen to the warnings. In all honesty, you have no idea of what I know about this historical Jew.

    The kabbalah is another work leading Jews astray daily. Follow what ever you wish, but don't slander a kosher Torah observant Jew who attempted to lead the Jews who where going astray following the takanot of the rabbi's back to the Torah of Moshe. We suffer today and will continue to suffer until haShem finally decides He has had enough of the chillul haShem. Would you like the quote in the Tanach explaining that one too?

    Better put on your "Depends" as you are going to need it soon enough.

  6. Your a jew who believes in jesus oviousely a real min in sheeps cloathing . You and your kind are very dangerous . As for the rabbis its already been promised by the prophets they will be punished for not teaching sefer yetzirah to the masses of jews and bnei noach . Listen its simple jews dont know God because they dont know kambbalah . JC's whole teaching was God and kabbalah dissconnected from the mitzvot we see where thasts lead western man today . Sadly theres no answer in sight until God as it were decides too.

  7. Basicaly the fault is this jesus went astray from the mitzvot and at the same time Hashem for whatever reason gave him access to use the shem hameforesh to create a cult which ultimately became what it became . A savior messiah/god without mitzvot . Messianic jews follow him and the torah together God knows how many fall a pun in that category today . As for the rabbis of today theve destroyed israel in general by being rabbis out of givah not humility.

  8. Annon, get past the point of thinking the historical Jew taught fellow Jews not to perform mitzvoth of the Torah. You are refering completely to the roman pagan counterfeit named jesus. They are NOT the same.

    The problem you seem to have is that first not knowing what he actually taught based on highly redacted lies. Secondly you have bought the mitzvoth of men teaching. Read Isaiah 29:13.

    The only reason I am so dangerous is that I encourage Jews to do their utmost to follow the Torah of Moshe and NOT the takanot of the rabbi's. Wow, Moshe would be shocked to see what has happened to his Torah. Funny thing is he predicted it too.

    So silly.


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