Thursday, May 26, 2011


Has the Final Redemption Begun?

by Dov bar Leib @ Mystical Paths and End of Days,
slight editing & annotation by Reb Akiva

We knew things have been forever changing this year. The signs have been everywhere. Massive flooding in Australia a few short weeks after their Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd told us in Israel that we would have to divide Jerusalem. The massive flood covered the Rudd's gigantic home state of Queensland. This was probably just a warning and not a final punishment.

Eleven short days after the Foreign Minister of Japan met with the Foreign Minister of Iran to inform him that Japan would supply Iran with nuclear fuel rods for its nuclear reactor in Bushehr, a massive earthquake/tsunami strikes the coast of Sendai, Japan. This triggers nuclear meltdowns (or near meltdowns) at four of six nuclear reactors at the Fukushima reactor facility south of Sendai. Keep in mind that it took G-d just 11 days to send this fierce retribution.  (A key to the time is seeing direct retribution and it’s swiftness.)

Here we go again, but this time the judgments are coming frequent and fast. It is getting hard to keep up. A judgment happens and I say, let me write about this one. But before I sit down to compose a post, another one happens, and one has to write about that one too. Before you know it, the avalanche of judgments keeps coming at a pace that the mind cannot focus. Each one needs to be researched and discussed. So let us discuss just two.

I wrote an email to a friend, and this is what I sent him:

- Stay away from any city named after a Methodist Minister. Joplin was a Methodist minister that founded the city of Joplin, MO in 1873.

- Stay away from small towns with a majority Methodist population. Denning, Arkansas's only church was a United Methodist Church.

Both were destroyed by F-5 tornadoes, the worst kind. Those who chase tornadoes call F-5 tornadoes "The Finger of G-d". Here is the latest from the United Methodist Church: here and here. The first link is from The Blaze, Glenn Beck's outfit and is from the last ten days.

Devorah of Shirat Devorah added in a comment…

- Stay away from church towers.  Feb 22, earthquake in Hist Church, New Zealand where the church tower fell.  May 11, earthquake Spain where the church tower fell.

- Stay away from towns with negative biblical names.  April 26, east Texas town of Edom has 100 homes destroyed.

G-d is working very fast now. Notice that part of the United Methodist Church's attack against Israel is to influence Obama to forever alter American foreign policy. The key point in all this is that they seek to divide Jerusalem by demonizing Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech indicates that he is going to play a profound role in the Geulah (redemption) process after all.  I am not ready to pronounce his Mashiach ben Yosef just yet because he has to make many personal and public changes to fit that role. But the fact that this has all occurred around Lag B'Omer is profoundly significant, for it is from Lag B'Omer or the 33rd level of purity onwards that Moshiach ben Yosef begins to lead the world.

So pray tell, what did Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu do on Lag B'Omer morning? He and his wife Sarah took a 90 minute walk through the Washington DC National Mall. He exhilarated her according to Arutz-7 with his knowledge about the monuments and all the inscriptions on them all designed, built, and inscribed by 33rd degree FreeMasons on the 33rd day of the counting of the Omer.

Is P.M. Netanyahu a FreeMason? We hope not, because Moshiach ben Yosef  has to get us all beyond the idea that the purpose of serving G-d is to make money or as the US Constitution says "To Promote the Common Welfare".

This is a dangerous time for Netanyahu. If he cannot lead us beyond the 33rd level G-d will find someone else who can.  The ideas of the Golden Calf are so entrenched in modern society that perhaps the only way that the world will grow beyond the 33rd level is if the US dollar were to collapse. Is that about to happen?  Those who monitor financial matters clearly say that currency stability and possible collapse is indeed in front of us for both the dollar and the euro.

Either Netanyahu will lead us to the next level, or G-d will find someone else with a Yud Key Vav in his name to lead us all to the next level. But Netanyahu, let us commend you on your speech. That walk with Sarah on Lag B'Omer seems to have turned you into a leader. You know that even though you received standing ovations from both houses of Congress, most of the world will hate you for talking about a united Jerusalem.  Examples include the United Methodist Church and perhaps U.S. Vice President Joe Biden who seemed to forget to clap when you mentioned it. (Or maybe he was just asleep, with VP Joe we can never know.) This would be a good time to start building in Ramat Shlomo (neighborhood of Jerusalem that started the settlement flap with Biden) while VP Joe is snoring away.

We all know that you knew going into that speech that the “Palestinians” would be preparing their rejection statement while you were inviting them to talk about peace and more peace and how about some more peace talks while we are all talking about talking about peace. Be forewarned, the Israeli media organs are already preparing their attack strategy against you. They are scared to death of what is coming in September with that little United Nations vote for a Palestinian State. If they are scared, that is a good sign that everything will be all right.

Also be sure that the Israeli establishment is equally terrified. Israel's Attorney General's office is already preparing the trumped up charge that they are going to indict you with if you even demonstrate that you might take us all above and beyond America's thumb to the 34th level of purity. Are you prepared? In your years as Israel's UN Ambassador you used to receive advice from the Lubavitcher Rebbe and in recent years you sought out advice from Rav Mordechai Eliyahu. So from whom are you seeking out advice now? Anyone? No one?

Of all times in your life this is the time to find a Rav. May I suggest Rav Shalom Arush, shlita?  He seems to know a thing or two about what is going on right now. Someone such as him can help you retrieve yourself from the 33rd degree FreeMason danger zone.

Edom has not really been surpassed yet. So he is going to fight tooth and nail to stop you if that is your intention. The 34th level of purity and above is rarefied air. No nation in world history except Israel under David, Shlomo, and Yehudah under Hezekiah has ever succeeded in going above and beyond the 33rd level. And even at that time, the rest of the world lagged behind.

So here's your opportunity, your last one at that, to continue to be a man and not a mouse. At the end of your speech you kept saying G-d bless America. May G-d bless you with multiple-fold strength because you are going to need it. But not to worry if you mess up at this juncture in history and fail.

No one, and I repeat no one, can stop the redemptive process that began on Lag B'Omer.

Some may ask, “what’s different about this year?”  After all, the geulah blogs and myself (Dov bar Leib) have been writing about geulah hints and signs for some years already.

The answer is simple.  On the cosmic calendar, 5765 was the First Year of Sukkot. The blessings on Sukkot such as a sweet smelling etrog depend on how much teshuvah we have done. Some people behaved really badly that year. They evacuated 10,000 Jews from their homes for not a single good reason whatsoever. 5771 is the Last year of Sukkot, the Year of Hoshana Rabba. G-d sends out all the judgments that he signed and sealed on Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur.

It is all top down. He is not waiting for our repentances out of love. He will force it upon us to repent out of sheer terror. Not to worry. If you have been decent in the area of human decency, He will be Infinitely compassionate. Only the indecent have a problem, such as those who supported in any fashion the unilateral evacuations from Gaza and the Northern Shomron.

5772 is a very special year of Divine goodness, the Year of Shmini Atzereth.

UPDATE: I am adding this so the message of this post is not misconstrued: The general judgement on a city can usually not be understood in the same way as a judgement on the individuals. The individuals who suffered and died did so in accordance to several different reasons that the Ramchal discusses in Derech HaShem. Therefore there is no real way of knowing why one individual suffers a calamity while another does not. The Ramchal points to suffering as a natural condition which brings an individual closer to G-d even if he did not necessarily sin in this incarnation of his soul. Of course, we wish the best for all the victims that died and their families, but if mentioning the root cause of the general reason for the calamity brings about reflection and efforts to change the names of cities named after famous Methodist preachers, then hundreds of lives can be saved. In short, this blog is not condemning any individual who died as someone that deserved to die in Joplin, MO or from any of the other tornadoes that have swept the Midwest of the USA. But we are obligated to see the important meaning behind tragedies in terms of what G-d expects of all of us especially in this Year of Hoshana Rabba.


  1. joe biden crossed himself (as in made the sign of the cross) at the very beginning of netanyahu's speech in response to a lighthearted comment to netanyahu. at the podium, netanyahu turned around to biden and said something to the effect, "remember when we were new kids on the block?" and then turned back around to face a laughing audience before him. what netanyahu didn't see was joe biden crossing himself in a jesting way which all saw but netanyahu. obviously it contributed even more to the audience's laughter. I thought it was bizarre, but even more bizarre is that no one seemed to mention this incident afterwards--perhaps out of fear for ruining what was a tremendously euphoric reception for Bibi.

    what a reminder.

  2. I was always weary of "masons" believing them to be against the Almighty.

    Actually, I don't know what to think about them.

  3. The best way to understand Free-Masonry is that up to and including the 32nd level, they are serving the one True G-d. They understand that G-d takes into account our extenuating circumstances when He judges us, something that puts them completely at odds with Xtianity and gives them more commonality with Judaism. Now I have a couple books written by FreeMasons themselves and in one of these books, the author covers how a FreeMason advances through the various degrees. Yes, they start at the fourth degree because in order to join one must demonstrate as an initiate a modicum of basic good character traits so that one can be considered in the first place as a new initiate. There are already problems at the 31st level where the service seems to devolve into accepting the Egyptian story of the "Resurrection" of Nimrod after he killed his father Kush and took his mother, Diana, to be his wife. Now here the FreeMasons change the names to protect the guilty by using the Egyptian names for this sorted story: Horus, Osiris, and Isis. At the 33rd level mum is the word. There is nothing about what the 32nd degree Mason and what he has to do to advance to the pinnacle of FreeMasonry, the 33rd level. I am sorry, I do not believe the link to that article that the 33rd level is just an honorary degree. Given the Free-Masons penchant for doing service in order to advance, there must be criteria in order to advance to this degree. The ringing distinction between Free-Masonry and Judaism is not in the service that they are doing to G-d. Believe me, I am very aware what the Shriners Hospitals do for children with orthopedic and burn problems. Their focus or Tachlit is not to Perfect the World. It is to serve G-d in order to make money for society as a whole. One might say that that is a worthy goal until one is confronted with the reality that the masses of Jews at Sinai made the same mistake when they thought that the Shekhina would come down between the horns of the Golden Calf. It is precisely for this reason that while George Washington and a host of FreeMasons founded America, they did it on the 17th of Tamuz (July 4th, 1776).

  4. The county that Joplin is in does not even rate in the top 25 counties based on population according to the methodists own statistics. I guess they where caught off guard. The ones who should have really been worried are Harris, Dallas and Tarant counties. Does lemons and lemonade ring a bell.

    Since all three major religions seem to believe we are about to have a big change take place more of the likes of the Tractor Driver will come out of the woodwork and when they throw out a bunch of stuff, chances are they will get something right.

  5. Hey, wait a minute! My workplace is in Goshen IN.

    In any case, our job is to act so as not to block the impending Geula, not to waste time on theories.

  6. One last point: Where do we see this problem of only serving G-d to the 32 and 2/3 level of purity is truly a problem? It is when prosperity for the country as a whole is at odds with the Truth. The Cherokee nation was "occupying" prime Georgia and South Carolina farm land for thousands of years. They were a peaceful people who believed in One G-d and even adopted a Constitution to mirror the American Constitution in order to be recognized as an independent nation by the United States. But their nation was on what Andrew Jackson considered prime Georgia farmland. So in the debate between letting them stay because they were decent and the need for prime Georgia farmland, in Andrew Jackson's mind there was no debate. Prosperity trumped the Truth. They had to go, and he got the US Senate to agree with him in 1835. I believe that they were actually forcibly removed from their native lands by the next President, Martin Van Buren, in 1838 and 1839. So much for the Truth when it conflicts with American prosperity.

  7. I love your blog but have no clue what this 33rd level and free mason stuff is. Can you educate me and others that may be clueless?


  8. Hey, George W Bush is a methodist, so is Rush Limbaugh.

    It is well know the methodist church is very anti-Israel. When the leaders of the movement see such agony as did those in Joplin, then we can speak about it. There are many who where NOT methodists who lost everything including family members.

    It's like Japan too. When the leaders who spout their hatred get hammered personally, again speak. But there where many innocent people who lost their lives too.

    This speculation of who God punishes is not productive. Maybe we should clean up our own houses and look what damage our actions are causing. Since the world is a reflection of us, maybe our actions are causing the chaos. Remember that only a remnant of Gods people will make it through the mess. That means some may be wrong.

  9. To Shiloh: The general judgement on a city can usually not be understood in the same way as a judgement on the individuals. The individuals who suffered and died did so in accordance to several different reasons that the Ramchal discusses in Derech HaShem. Therefore there is no real way of knowing why one individual suffers a calamity while another does not. The Ramchal points to suffering as a natural condition which brings an individual closer to G-d even if he did not necessarily sin in this incarnation of his soul. Of course, we wish the best for all the victims that died and their families, but if mentioning the root cause of the general reason for the calamity brings about reflection and efforts to change the names of cities named after famous Methodist preachers, then hundreds of lives can be saved.

    As far as Rush Limbaugh is concerned, he is a righteous gentile, no doubt about it. He grew up as a next door neighbor to the only Shomer Shabbat family in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. M. Hecht, a Lubavitcher Chassid, owns a chain of women's clothing stores in SE Missouri, and I know him personally. His son was Rush's best friend growing up and now lives in W. Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago. So Rush is an example where the Church did not form all of his opinions, and his support for Israel and Orthodox Jews is known by those who regularly listen to his radio show.

    As far as Gog W. Bush is concerned, well let us just say that if we had played our cards right in 5765 (2005) he could have been the Gog in Yechezkel, and the redemption would have come in a kinder, gentler way.

  10. So Gog was Gog !
    And Obama could be Gog !
    I just wish they'd get on with it, and we could all go home.

  11. And then of course there is the End of Days example of America choosing prosperity over the Truth. On Sept. 11th, 2001, Al Queida flew two separate plains into the Twin Towers murdering about 3000 people. Gog W. Bush, Jr. vowed to take vengeance on Osama Bin Laden for murdering Americans on that day. Six months later after the bloodiest Adar since the Shoah and a massacre of about 30 people at a Pesach Seder at a hotel in Netanya, PM Ariel Sharon launched Operation Defensive Wall against Arafat in March of 2002. He instantly had Arafat holed up in his compound in Ramallah with IDF forces. It would have been easy to put a bullet in Arafat's head at that moment or to go in to arrest him to put him on trial for mass murder of the Jewish people. But Gog W. Bush and Tony Blair and Jacque Chirac all said no. Arafat was the leader of a budding nation and he could not be touched. Bush would have put a bullet in Bin Laden's head if he could, but the IDF could not put a bullet in Arafat's head? Or even put him on trial for mass murder? Now why would Gog W. insist on that? The answer is obvious. The Saudi King and Ambassador had already told Gog that if he wants the free flow of oil at affordable prices, Arafat could not be touched. That is it. Again, the Land of the Free um Masons traded in the Truth for a bit more prosperity. And who is the number one victim of this at the End of Days, why Israel of course. That is part of the Divine plan because Israel's covenant with G-d is Truth for its own sake.

  12. Smade the NoachideMay 27, 2011 3:22 AM

    Where others see only the Stern Judgement of HaKodesh Baruch Hu, I see only blessings from HaShem!

    I live less than a block away from a housing area that was destroyed in the May 3rd, 1999, F5 tornado that hit Oklahoma.

    These recent tornadoes have only served to bring a much needed economic boom to the region. How so?

    Well, the people are just going to take the charity, the insurance money and the low-interest FEMA loans and rebuild. The homes and businesses and churches will be rebuilt bigger and better than ever.

    Further, the increased spending and rebuilding in the areas hit by these tornadoes will simply create more jobs and taxes and the insurance companies will then raise everyone's rates.

    And the Amalekites that hated Klal Yisrael before the tornadoes won't be doing teshuvah as a result of them. In fact, all HaShem has done is to bless these individuals and provide their misguided clergy with a larger platform from which they can continue to spread their anti-Semitism and their idolatrous worship of "you-know-you."

    As for those who've died.... What else can you say but "Baruch Dayan HaEmet"...?

    EVERYTHING that HaShem does is only for the good, because HaKodesh Baruch Hu is Good and the Bestower of Goodness! To say otherwise would only serve to demonstrate one's lack of EMUNAH!

  13. Dov, where do you rational that cities named after famous Methodist preachers have a specific problem. What about any city named from the Great Lie? (xtiaity).

    Ok, let's take what you said about ones suffering and bringing one closer to God. Take us for example, we have suffered for 2000 years. Is it not possible that we have changed the Torah of Moshe and are acting corrupt, forget the fact that he said we would. So, instead of it bringing us closer to God, what do we do as a nation? We run to the cause of it in the first place. Really now, even you surely don't want to hear it. Only a select few can figure this out. Ok, why is this? Is it that most Jews have the soul of the Erev Rav(God forbid), is it that only a handfull get it, a remnant like the Tanach describes? Is that handfull then are subject to hatred, slander etc when they try to live by the Torah of Moshe and not by the traditions of men that the Tanach is so against? Are they so misunderstood?

    If you look at history, at all the Prophets in the Tanach who have tried to warn us. Look at the Dead Sea Scrolls and see what they are warning us about. See who wrote them etc. The message is consistant, it's just that we have the message tweeked sufficiently that we are missing the forest for the trees.

    Ok, so we missed the easy road to the redemption. But then again, in all reality, we really don't know as our sources that are outside the Tanach are just that, outside. But if we take heed to the warnings of the Tanach, if we correct some of our errors from the Torah, we could change reality. But we won't and those faithless shephards in control refuse to see their error. Leading the sheeple on the derech that is NOT of the Tanach in whole.

    Shabbat Shalom

  14. the new Methodist bible about 10 years ago says GEE us is a Palestinian, the de jewified the lie! and free mason serve Baal Alah! as i studied to be one years ago! and they trace their spiritual history back to NIMROD who as we know tried to kill avraham! ok so do no get fooled and they think they run the world, we really know who does but in a gashmish way they do as puppets of Hashem! just know the end of Am Rech ca is close at hand so get ready to rumble!

  15. Here's an interesting finding to support your claim that the Methodist church is anti-Semitic.
    Chana Shapiro Stillman is appalled at what she discovered while doing research for the JCPA. Some UK church authorities, significantly the Methodists, are substituting a political agenda for Christianity. They have disavowed the Bible because it's too "Jewish " and associate with anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian groups under the guise of
    religion. While so many Christians are developing ties, deepening relationships and broadening understanding with Jews, others are heading in the opposite direction. Haven't we been here and done that - and witnessed the horrific results?

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Dear Shiloh: There is a very vibrant Oral Torah that was given to Moses at Mt. Sinai along with the Written text of the Torah and later on the written record of our Prophets and those imbued with the Holy Spirit in the Holy Writings. But the Talmud of the Tannaim and the Amoraim is as integral a part of what G-d gave Moshe on Mt. Sinai as the witten text of the Pentateuch itself. The two are inseparable. When the Written Torah in four different places describes Tefillin, it would be impossible to know what Tefillin are without an equally important Oral Torah. Some of the Oral Torah are laws give to Moshe himself but not written down. Some of it can be derived by 13 methods of proof which Othniel ben Kenaz, the first judge in the Book of Judges, used to rediscover laws that were lost after the death of Yehoshua. Of course, there are laws which are totally Rabbinical in origin. These laws exist for three are more different reasons. Amongst these reasons are:

    1. The most important reason is to build a fence around the Torah. By not breaking a certain Rabbinic injunction, one will not come to break an injunction in the Torah. The Laws of Muktzah on Shabbat are one set of purely Rabbinic Laws. The idea being if you do not touch the light switch, you will not come to turn it on.

    2. To commemorate a new path for Kedushah in the World which may not have existed at the time of the Giving of the Torah. The Laws of Chanukah and Purim fall into this category. Should we ignore Chanukah simply because it does not appear in the Tanakh?

    3. to legislate how new technologies which did not even exist 200 years ago can be used in accordance with Jewish Law. Some of these things are actually Torah laws which have to be interpreted because of the advancement of science. For instance an incandescent light bulb is "fire" in accordance with the Torah. So turning on a light switch for an incandescant light bulb is against the Torah on Shabbat. On the other hand, turning on a fluorescent bulb on Shabbat is only breaking a Rabbinic injunction since there is no glowing filament and no physical circuit is actually completed. Yet, if the fluorescent bulb were turned on, one might be confused and come to turn on the incandescent bulb and break a Torah injunction. So both are forbidden as a fence around the Torah

    In short, the severe moral failings of some of our leaders six years ago is no excuse to ignore the Rabbinic mesorah of the last 2400 to 3200 years.

  18. Dov, The arguments simply don't work. Find me ONE, yes, just ONE place in the ENTIRE Tanach that mentions on Oral Torah. You cannot, because it's just not there. Actually it say's not to add to nor delete from the Torah, the rabbi's add commandments like lighting candles saying God said to do it which is completely false. God NEVER commanded it anywhere in the entire Torah. Its completely rabbinical. That's incredibly insane and it's causing us tremendous suffering. The list is incredible. Would you like to go page by page using the shulchan aruch for example and see the motives involved and where it transgressed to Torah of Moshe, the Written? How about the thousands of examples of rabbi's having very different opinions in the Talmud on incredibly simple verses? Since God doesn't change, nor does the verse in context.

    As far as tefillin goes, it's nothing more then a metaphor. Would you like to go over the entire excersise. Read the opinion of the Rashbam.

    Turning on a lightbulb according to science is not fire. Simple. The rabbi's did not understand what it was so it was banned. But since we cannot reverse in most cases the decisions of the rabbi's, we are following nonsensical laws or halachot that do absoulutly nothing in this world, nor the world to come. Needless to say they don't transgress the Torah, just the rabbi's. We transgress the Torah daily following the takanot of the rabbi's while ignoring the Torah of Moshe. That you can bank on.

    The fence around the Torah is complete nonsense. The Torah is exact in what that verse means, the flat building needs a fence for safety, obvious. Why do you think it needs more.

    Interpretations of the Torah are of course necessary, but when they simply violate the meaning of the Torah when they where given, then we have to decide is it God we follow or is it the traditions of men, see Isaiah29:13.

    Let's take an example that archeology, or science has proven. Not boiling a kid in its mothers milk. The rabbi's have taken it to mean three things (even though the verses are the same)as you know. In Syria they have found a site that the pagans did exactly that, boiled a kid in it's mothers milk and offered it to their fertility god. So.... what is the reason for the perfect law from our Creator, dont boil a kid in it's mothers milk, why, it goes to a pagan fertility god. Soooo, simple. But the rabbi's issue halachot based on complete faulty reasoning and a complete falsification of truth. You expect me to follow such nonsense when I know it's NOT true. IT's certainly not from Moshe. Period.

    I am not against much of the wisdom of the rabbi's over the centuries. What I am against is incorrect application of halachot from the Tanach. Also, for example in the Jerusalem Talmud it states that anyone who does not believe that the Written Torah is from God, he shall be put to death. In the Babylonian Talmud, it states the Oral. In otherwords, be put to death for knowing that something was an invention. Hell, since I don't believe in xtianity, since it was an invention also, I should be put to death for that.

    Have a wonderful day. and just one note, when you say you will do something, then do it. The hypocrisy of the "religious" is incredible. You wonder why I want to see it corrected now? It's too obvious, it's for your own good.

    Shall we start with the problem with the calendar too? Yom kipur falls on the wrong day according to the rabbi's most years. Maybe, just maybe there is a problem with this.

    Believe as you wish, hope you are right.

  19. Dov, in the Tanach it say's to use Gods name to make vows etc. His name is in there over 6000 times. It say's in the Tanach that whoever calls on His name shall be saved. Since we cannot call on His name, well??? Since the rabbi's banned it according to the Talmud they are holding back Jews and the goyim from knowing Him, calling on Him etc. They, with this alone are hindering the geulah. Understand yet?

    When you are donning the metaphor (Tefillin for the unaware) don't forget to circumsise your heart while you are at it. Metaphor, yes?

    Here's something that I do, somewhat sarcastically, but when I am at someones house who is somewhat 'holy' in their way's, and they ask me what I want to eat, I reply, "Since I don't know the level of kashrut you hold to, it's much better for me to refuse and offend you then to eat from your home". It's more the point that we are missing the context of the Tanach. Do you understand?

  20. You are a drooling lunatic. Seek help.

  21. Shiloh, what about Leviticus 46:26 אֵלֶּה הַחֻקִּים וְהַמִּשְׁפָּטִים *וְהַתּוֹרֹת* אֲשֶׁר נָתַן יְ־הֹוָ־ה בֵּינוֹ וּבֵין בְּנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל בְּהַר סִינַי בְּיַד מֹשֶׁה "These are the statutes, the ordinances, and the TOROT that the Lord gave between Himself and the children of Israel on Mount Sinai, by the hand of Moses" Why is the word Torah in the plural Torot? Wouldn't this indicate that there is more than one form of Torah?

  22. No Michael, it does not mean an Oral Torah.

    I am not against most of our mesorah. I am simply against the incorrect interpretations that have put unnecessary burdens upon the Jewish people. Also, in my opinion there is no reason that we cannot correct areas as in our calendar which most know is not accurate, but the Written Torah tells us how to do so. There are also biblical scholars today that are experts in it. Why we wont listen is like a dog returning to his vomit.

    Also, just because in our mesorah much is correct, that does not mean that along the way errors, major errors, have not crept into it. The sages know this too. Again, tradition is more powerful then the Torah.

    In my opinion if we begin to correct some of these area's, God will help us the rest of the way in a much easier sense. If He redeems us, it won't be on our merit, but to save His Great Name. It's our choice now. Men or God. For me it's a simple solution.

    Have a wonderful day.

  23. Shilo: Your condemnation of the Rabbaim at the turn of the 20th century defining blackbody radiation from a filament in the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum as fire is amusing. Was Rav Chaim Ozer Grodzinski just a fool? You think that he did not investigate the matter of the light bulb before he ruled on it? What chutzpah. He did not spend his days saving string as Woody Allen put it in one of his movies.

    Finally it says in just a few words the following in Deut. 12:21:

    ...You may slaughter from your cattle and your flocks that HaShem has given you as I have commanded you, and you may eat within you gates with all of desire of your soul.

    Now this is an exact literal translation of the Hebrew in the Written Torah. 1. Where in the entire Written Torah does HaShem tell Moses the laws of Kosher Shechitah? Pray tell if there is no Oral Torah, the Laws should be written down somewhere. But I challenge you to find one statement in the written Torah which describes to us how to slaughter a bull or a sheep for personal consumption. 2. Curiously the Torah says that Moses commanded us on how to do it. Now you yourself said that no one can add or subtract from what G-d has commanded us. So obviously Moses did not come up with his own rules. Yet, someone commanded Moshe what to tell us. So who did that? And where is it written what He said?

    Case closed.

  24. Dov, you know something, it certainly does not bother me that you, nor anyone else has bought the sale and choose to follow it. I hope it brings you joy.

    You have not answered any of my questions with logic or any proof from the Tanach. According to a Rav, I must beleive he ruled correctly and I must adhere to whatever he say's whether he is right or wrong. Ya, I know the source of that one too, all about control dude? RazelDazel all you want, it's still not fire. It's chutzpah to disagree with him. Listen Dov, I answer to God, especially at the end of my time, not a man. Fear God Dov. Really now.

    So you assume that God gave Moshe ritual slaughter laws. Curiously no where in the hebrew does it say Moshe gave us the rabbinical post biblical halachot including the ritual slaughter laws.

    Dov, you cannot base a theology on one verse taken out of context. Even the goyim do that now. Since there are no comma's nor periods in the Torah, if you read the verse as it's actually written, in it's entire context, it makes sense. God told us it's permissible to slaughter these animals for consupmtion back in Leviticus 11. The verse you quote is a continuation of a verse just a few lines back where Moshe said to slaughter the animal and to pour the blood out like water (as I instructed, which was Moshe speaking), but does not justify, nor prove that an Oral Torah was given to Moshe. I am quite sure Moshe would have mentioned something so big as this, no? It is a known fact that the slaughter of animals at the time of the ancient Israelites was not what we may say as humane. Just permissible and not eating the blood, that's all.

    There is no problem with slaughtering kosher animals humanely. It must be encouraged. Actually according to rabbinic law, it is permissible to put unconcious a person who is to be executed. Humane in a bad situation. So why is it not permissible then to do the same to animals since there is no temple to be used for sacrifice. It's for food. I have seen video of ritual slaughtering, and you know what, there are some secrets that we don't want out. I also have seen american and canadian slaughter houses and how it compares. Humane is the goal of both.

    Case is far from closed Dov. Have a wonderful night.

  25. The bottom line Dov, I don't throw out the baby with the bathwater as you assume. I throw out the dirty water only. It is important for every Jew to study the Scripture (The Tanach of which all three sects, the Saducees, the Essenes, and the up and coming political party the Pharisees(well known to be formed around 200 BCE), agreed that the Tanach was scripture as codified). It is irresponsible to assume everything that a Rav, Rabbi or Rebbe say's is true and Biblical. Is there wisdom there, absoulutly. Is the Oral Torah from God, absoulutly not. If one actually looks at the Mishnah and the Talmud, the opinions of the Rabbi's involved disagree with each other on almost every issue. Since the Rabbi's explain that whenever there are such disagreements, "both opinions are the words of the living God". This is completly unreasonable to believe that God would contradict Himself. Furthermore, the Tanach reports that the written Torah was both lost and completely forgotten for over 50 years and only rediscovered by the Temple preists (see 2Ki 22:8 and 2Chr 34:15). It is inconceivable that an Oral Law could have been remembered when even a Written Law was forgotten. There are more reasonings why the Oral Torah was not received by Moshe. Simply, put, it's just not there.

    If you are so positive, then answer my above questions, convince all of us to follow the dictates of men over that of the Torah. I am sure it will soften our blow that's coming later this year.

    Why don't you, along with the other three wonderful men on this blog start to presure the rabbi's they answer to, to correct the calendar, use the well known biblical scholars who know it inside and out. I can provide you with a name if you desire. It would be huge in the realm of things. Then reverse the ban of saying Gods name. The Aleppo Codex has the vowels in it so it can be read correctly. (The Rambam himself said it is the most accurate version known). The we can call upon our Father as He is known. Not by some pen name. You want to make a difference, then use your influence and turn back to our Father. It only takes a few good men to change the world. Believe.

  26. Dov, I am open to your suggestions about what the Rav Chaim claimed and decided. For me, after reading about what he suggested, it further proves to me, first, electricity is NOT fire. Secondly, it proves to me to question every decision a rav pasuks, and third it cements my opinion we are in big trouble, and fourth, ultra-Orthodoxy is not Derech haShem.

    It is advisable to you and every Jew to do their own research on whether or not electricity is fire. But not on shabbat, why, because thoughts cause electricity, so does moving muscles. Hell, maybe we will all combust.

    Just back to pronouncing Gods name, in about 4 months, we may be in a world of trouble. Maybe we should learn Gods name so we can ask Him to bail us out. Na, how stupid.


  27. Shiloh said...
    Dov, The arguments simply don't work. Find me ONE, yes, just ONE place in the ENTIRE Tanach that mentions on Oral Torah.

    Shiloh, with all due respect go to the splitting of the Reed Sea. Around there you should find the following: " and they believed in HaShem & Moshe HIS servant." What does "believing in Moshe HIS servant" mean? It means the Oral Torah, Moshe's orders to the nation as per commands, Ruahh Hakodesh, insights etc he had that are not in the written Torah.

    The Torah world leaders who received Hasmakha down the line through the ages were continuations of that very pattern.

    So you see there IS authorisation for Oral Torah in the written Torah. There are other examples too by the way.

    Oh & I almost forgot; by written Torah Karaites should be executed (NO I am NOT promoting that), by Oral Torah we let you guys slide & pray for you to do tshuvah. So you see Oral Torah is good for you too. Appreciate it. And I bless you in the name of my Holy teachers that yes you soon will do full Tshuva, Amen kein yehi rasson - Selah.

  28. Shiloh, great! I am happy that you realise that "electricity is NOT fire". We learned that in junior high physics. Guess what the rabbis knew it too & never said it is fire. They DO say that electricity can be used to make fire or fire-like forms of energy.

    That's a big difference.

    Sooooo, tell me why do you misrepresent what the rabbis said? Is it because you cannot "disprove" them if quoted & represented truthfully?
    May HaShem very soon open your eyes & put into the path of full tshuvah, Amen.

  29. Wow, how could have I missed that one, believing in Moshe means the Oral Torah. Simply amazing how clear that is. Nice try. There is absoulutly no argument here, there was no Oral Torah given to Moshe. So unless you quote the Tanach, the rest is a waste of time.

    Your rabbi's claim to have gone all the way back to Moshe, suprising since the invention of rabbinical Judaism came from the sect of the Pharisees, a political movement started around 200 CE. They with the help of the romans took power. Guess it took them from the time of Moshe till then to get their platform figured out. The more you provide, the more you prove it's false.

    According to the Torah Karaites should be killed, laughable. Provide the actual source from the Tanach which proves your point. You can't because it's not there. By the way, I don't belong to the Karaites at all.

    Sure it can produce a fire, but following nonsensical fences based on a misinterpretation of the Torah. Incredible.

    Hope you guys can come up with something better then you all have. Instead of providing proofs from the Tanach, which all 3 sects of Judaism some 2000 years ago agreed completely as scripture, I am sure you can dig out a tidbit of where either Moshe, anyone else in the Written Torah or the Tanach may say there is such an important document as the Oral Torah.

    You wonder why we are going to loose the land later this year, because we don't follow the written Torah of Moshe in context nor commandments. The leaders who claim to be in charge are not doing, nor teaching about it.

    Have a wonderful day.

  30. Rabinical hasmakha is simply continuation of the Biblical hasmakha; i.e. Moshe gave to Yehoshuah, he gave to the elders, they to the prophets & they to the members of the Kneset Hagdolah all the way to Rabbi Yosef Karo zassa"l.

    If you are not a Karaite which other form of kefirah are you?

  31. Your statement "rabbinical Judaism came from the sect of the Pharisees, a political movement started around 200 CE" comes from the xtian concept of history which they played with in order to build & back their manufactured theology.
    Where you are coming from is now becoming obvious.

  32. Of course xtianity is manufactured. So is rabbinical Judaism. That's how the rabbi's justify the 70 explainations, to justify their own replacement theology.

    Amazing how Karo listened to the same 'angel' as did a declared false prophetess. One recieves the 'truth' and one receives lies. Laughable.

    You assumptions are quite false. This is your only proof.


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