Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths

image003 (4)     Yesterday, I put tefillin on Darius, who is here on a business trip. He was born in Lithuania, but moved to America some 10 years ago. He had no idea what tefillin were, never saw them before in his entire life, but he really enjoyed the experience. He closed his eyes and pictured all of the things that he wanted to bring into the world. Darius isn’t married and when I told him that he had to marry only a Jewish woman, he said that this is what he wanted.

     I told him to go to an orthodox congregation in his hometown to find the kind of woman that he is looking for. He said that he does just that… he looks in the Orthodox Church.

     I screamed, “What are you doing in a church? You’re a Jew!”

     He tried to repair what he said, “I meant, a messianic congregation… Jews for yashke.”

     “Ooooy,” I groaned. I tried to explain to him why he was going to the wrong place. “That religion is total idolatry.”

     He tried to defend it, “But yashke is the son of god.”

     “So are you,” I said. “We are all the children of G-d. G-d is the Father of all creation.”

     He seemed to have understood, but then when he went to the Kotel to pray, I looked over, and to my great amazement, the guy went down on one knee and made the sign of a cross on his chest!

     I ran over and told him to get up! “Jew’s don’t kneel like that, especially not at the Kotel.” He even had a rosary, with a small statue of yashke on a cross attached to the string of beads in his hand.

     I brushed his chest as if I was brushing away the sign of a cross that he made and said, “You are a Jew. Don’t worship a man. That man is not infinite. G-d is infinite. Only worship the infinite G-d.”

     He said, “Our mother raised us as Catholics.”

     His Israeli host came running up, and he pulled him away from me as if he was rescuing him, saying, “Don’t push!”

     I managed to write down my website address and the name of the video “Answers to a Pastor,” and gave them to him.

     He was a really nice guy. His mother is a Jew, but she had raised them as Catholics because of her fearful conversion during the holocaust. Will he ever change? Maybe, and only maybe. Maybe, if our conversation, which he seemed to enjoy despite his beliefs, motivates him to see that video. Please G-d, it will lead him to ask questions. Then maybe he will go to his local kosher rabbi as I told him.

     He gave me his business card. I will write to him. Maybe I can get him.

     Oh, to those of you who often remind me, “You are not allowed to push!”     Well, maybe you’re right; maybe it’s not good to push…. But it’s great to pull!



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