Monday, May 02, 2011

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Connection or Perfection?

by Reb Akiva & Rabbi Nati @ Mystical Paths

When we strive for perfection, if we miss we lose our connection.  And since even Moshe Rabaynu (Moses our teacher) was not perfect…to strive for perfection is a major risk for our connection (to Hashem).

Our we raising our children to be gedolai hadorim (the leading Torah scholars of each generation) or to be menchen and amiti (to be good people and honest people)?

Hashem Ya’a’zor (G-d should help us!) we’re raising them for perfection!  And since we’re not perfect (we’re speaking for ourselves, maybe you are?) we teach our children that they are FAILURES.  And thereby lose their connection.

What is the goal?  To connect to Hashem!  To connect through action (the mitzvot), through davening (prayer), through learning Torah (Hashem’s wisdom and thoughts). 

(Some of) our children look at us and say “you’re trying to teach us to be perfect, but you’re not perfect!  It’s hypocritical!” and they turn away.  Instead we should be teaching them to connect, and grow and strengthen that connection.

Not everyone can be a gadol hador (a leading Torah scholar).  Not everyone can learn well.  But everyone can be a mench (a good person), amiti (an honest person), and do good things.  Everyone can love their fellow and do good deeds.

And everyone can connect to Hashem.

What will your goal be?  What goal will you teach your children?

Connection?  Or Perfection?


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