Wednesday, April 27, 2011


What’s the Purpose of It All?

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths

image003 (2)     Regarding the article that discussed how, in fact, G-d is all that there is (How About the “Other Things?”), a reader asked, “Then, what is the purpose of it all?”

     Of course this is not a new question. If everything is going to one day cease, as some Jewish sources believe, or even if some form of creation goes on forever, since it is all G-d anyway, what good is it? Who is fooling who? Why did G-d need this creation anyway? Does G-d have “needs” that He needed to do all this? On and on, there just does not seem to be a logical answer.

     Some schools of Jewish thought say that He created (and creates) the universe in order to make a dwelling place for Himself in a lower world. Others say that He created it for joy. Some say, “Don’t ask!” In truth, even after hearing all of the answers, we can still ask the same question again. Why? Why does He do all this?

     We are told that G-d wants us to emulate Him. For instance, He tells us to be holy because He is holy. Therefore, I can only believe that somehow G-d is creating the creation for somewhat the same reason that I would create it. I realize that this is a huge chutzpah (arrogance), but it is how I feel. So here is my take on why G-d does it.

     G-d did not need a place in a lower world, nor was He particularly unhappy the way He was, so He had to make a world to create joy. It seems to me that He does all this because He is extremely loving and He is extremely generous. These qualities are just the way He is. Now, what is He going to do with all that love and that huge amount of generosity, if there is no one at all to give it to?

     When I see small children walking down the street, I smile and say, “This is why You are doing it.” What a magnificent thing! A tiny child has a full soul and all kinds of opinions. He or she has desires and goals. They all know love, and have definite ideas of how things should be. Applause! Applause! Author! Author!

     G-d makes man lust after woman, just so He can have these little jewels to watch run around. He makes women want to have children, and He even makes women want a man to want her. All this wanting is just so these little babies will come into being. It seems to me that the real reason G-d wants a world at all is.. He loves little kids. What else could it be?

     So, even if creation does end some day, as many believe, G-d created it just for the gorgeous joy of it’s being here while it is here, and for the many smiles He sees along the way.

     And what about all of the hell that creation can also bring? Well, if we are going to have free will, as G-d insists, then there have to be different kinds of options for us to choose. Both are here, heaven and hell, the Garden and the Jungle. We get to live the life we choose.


  1. Why AIR is not mentioned in our Torah? and only questionably as it moves in Heaven on our Olam.!?

  2. very nice! H' loves little kids.

    very good perspective on the source of the wanting...


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