Thursday, April 07, 2011


WAR CRIMES and Dead Jews, Who Cares?

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

A few short hours ago, a school bus with Jewish school children returning home from their day of education was HIT by a ($#*##) ANTI-TANK MISSILE from Gaza.

They were not near a military facility, they were not near any military units.  A clearly marked school bus was driving on a civilian road in a civilian area and was hit by an f#$(@ ANTI-TANK MISSILE!

This is the classic and exact definition of a WAR CRIME.  That is, the direct targeting of civilians with no potential military value in the firing.  And this incident is particularly heinous has children were targeted and hit. A SCHOOL BUS.  AN ANTI-TANK MISSILE!!!!!

While the “world” debates whether Goldstone was right or wrong to blame Israel for targeting enemy fighters setting up rocket launchers next to a school they ignore the blatant targeting of Jewish children and a school bus by the Arabs of Gaza.  WITH AN ANTI-TANK MISSILE!

I realize I am just screaming in the wind.   But the hypocrisy stinks to high heaven.

While Jewish children are fighting for their lives this evening, the UN Secretary General is silent, as is the U.S. State Department, the E.U. office of foreign affairs, the prosecutors (who are out for Israeli politicians and generals) in England and Belgium and Spain and Norway.

Blatant, obvious, straightforward war crimes are ignored.  Valid defense against those attacking Jewish CHILDREN is called a crime.

Dear “World”, your blatant hypocrisy is DISGUSTING.


  1. Akiva, it's more then disgusting as you say. But our 'leaders' don't care if a few Jews die, their hands are tied or their part of the upcoming chaos.

  2. Akiva, You made a big mistake here. It is not the rockets that are %$&^!&&@!, it's the animals who fire them.

  3. Annon, your stance that they are animals is incorrect. All is haShem, according to the Shema. They are simply the tool of haShem to wake us up to the problems we have caused when we ignore the Torah. One I can think of is when haShem gives us the land we are to get rid of the inhabitants that are there. The reason we have such problems is that the rabbi's teach contrary to this. They teach that if we would only follow their brand of the Torah which say's if we would all only do more mitzvoth of men the 'animals' would just pack their bags and leave on their own. Such nonsense.

    I am not against the rabbi's as a whole, I am just against where they are leading us astray and causing everything from the exile to Jews not following the Torah daily. They claim to be on the seat of Moshe, then they should atleast teach such. Such hypocrisy.

    When will we get a leader to reunite us based on the Torah? Don't hold your breath.

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