Friday, April 08, 2011

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I Hate Asking But...

I hate asking for tzedakah (charity).  And dealing with the needy, it’s just uncomfortable.  On one hand I don’t want to do anything to embarrass someone.  On the other hand I want to do more for each one, but know I can only work with what I have.  And on another side, who am I to try to make a difference?

Meet the Needy for Passover
But, where there are no men, be a man (Pirke Avos).  Where there are people in need and I have the capability to help, to stand up here and say via the blog PLEASE HELP, if not me, who?  And if not now, when? (Pirke Avos)

There are people in need for Passover.  People who aren’t getting by, who aren’t getting help, who need a hand to have a Passover. Here at Mystical Paths we run yearly (Jewish) holiday charity campaigns to help the needy for the Jewish holidays.  We do it with no overhead, no organization, no secretaries or advertising or crazy promises of segulot in your name.  (Charity is it’s own segulah!)

Just two Jews, two chassidim in the Holy Land doing a bit of straight charity.  [Two Jews who have a registered Israeli charity and rabbinic supervision.]

Fulfill the mitzvah of helping the needy for Passover today.  EVERY amount makes a difference and is worthy!  It all adds up to something substantial!

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  1. G-d bless - He is a true inspiration. All of us who only care about filling our stomaches should take a look at ourselves and see where we can share something with the true heroes of am yisrael,those who stand with Hashem.


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