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Judaism and Yin - Yang

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths

image001A reader wrote:

     I asked three rabbis who decide Jewish law if acupuncture is permitted. Internet sources show a major connection between acupuncture and yin-yang with disease ascribed to either of these forces being unbalanced, blocked, or stagnant. The rabbis said that acupuncture was permitted. Is yin-yang a problem?

Gutman answers:  

     Acupuncture as a physical practice seems to be permitted. Acupuncture points were originally derived from Chinese astrological calculations and, according to Wikipedia, they do not correspond to any anatomical structure. No force corresponding to the yin-yang or qi has been found in the Western sciences of physics or human physiology. Still, people have found relief from pain and certain diseases from this practice.

Yin-yang is a description of creation as being influenced by either one of two predominate and opposite forces. The problem with using these terms, like many other Eastern ideas, is that they can start by bringing you into their philosophy and end up by dropping you off in their religion. One enticing concept leads to another, until you finally believe Taoist or Buddhist spiritual ideas that contradict the Torah.

    If they would call the yin-yang; “sweet and sour,” “hot and cold,” “male and female,” or whatever, I would have no spiritual problem with their opinion (although I would still have a physical problem with their understanding of nature). But yin-yang are key words whose source is mixed with idolatry. This is a problem.

    Does this mean that acupuncture is forbidden? I doubt it. But it does mean that there is a problem there, especially if you study it and believe in the yin-yang concept.

    Most briefly, the problem with the yin-yang concept is that it leads you to believe that the entire creation is made out of two “ingredients.” The yin-yangers see everything in the entire universe as made out of these two. But everything in the universe is not made out of these two, nor is it made out of any other two. The entire universe is made out of ONE.


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  2. Michael Ben AvrahamJune 01, 2011 10:15 PM

    There is an inherent unity behind the yin yang, so it seems it can be compatible with the one G-d concept of Torah.

  3. Why is this not consistent with the Yetzer-Ha-Tov and the Yetzer-Ha-Rah. The two opposing forces of good and bad, administered by One G-d!

    In fact I bet that Ying Yang is a somewhat corrupted rendition of Torah Theology

    of Torah Theology!


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