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Freaking Out – Part 3, A Ketz

by Reb Akiva and Rabbi Nati @ Mystical Paths

Zman Geulaschem, the time of your redemption is here!

The Gemora tells us that those who calculate a ketz, an end date for the geulah, are cursed.  If one was to calculate the ketz and find a result of 1,800 years later (as it may have been at the time of the writing of the Gemora), indeed that would have been a curse!

How could we be expected to survive?  With trouble after trouble coming upon the Jewish people, with them rising up against us in every generation, how could we maintain hope if we thought Moshiach and geulah was over a thousand years later?

Yet in our time and recent generations there has been a plethora of dates given.  In recent years it’s increased to statements of holy rebbes, rosh yeshivas, mekubalim, tzadikim that we’re almost there, we’re there, we’re there soon, etc.

According to the Gra, the Vilna Gaon, one of the ways he taught (or rather wrote down, it wasn’t really to be shared) to calculate the ketz on it being “before it’s time in it’s time” gives an “early” date of the 17th of Iyar, 5771 and a “late” date of Rosh Chodesh Av, 5771.

As we stated in Part 1 of this FREAKING OUT article series, a (small) number of tzadikim in Jerusalem have given a warning that it’s best for Jews to be in Israel by the 17th of Iyar this year.

endofworld[ When is the 17th of Iyar?  May 21, 2011, which is a Shabbat and the day before Lag b’Omer. ]

We were asked “What's the source that says to get out of chutz la'aretz by 17 Iyar? I'd like to show it to my rav who is close to …the mekubalim in Geulah”.  We responded and got this response from this questioner, “I spoke to my Rav. My Rav confirmed what you said know as per the same mekubalim.”

We’ll also note that well known blogger rabbi Lazer Brody has been hinting at the same thing in these two articles, note the last sentences.

So does this mean it’s time to FREAK OUT?  The answer is no…

a. We do NOT have navi’im (prophets) in this generation.  Calculations and ruach hakodesh pronouncements are not nevua (prophecy), they’re HINTS.  Things ARE coming.  Exactly what, when, where and who will be affected?  Nobody knows.

b. We’ve been hearing pronouncements not just for years but for the last 4 or 5 generations.  That means 99% of such pronouncements have been wrong or not fulfilled or not completed or we were not worthy.

c. BUT.  These hints and pronouncements DO usually prelude big events.  Steps towards the geulah.  Warnings Jews should pay attention to.  We live in a time of chaotic world events, both man made and natural.  The wise prepare.

d. What’s with that picture?  There is an Xian end-of-world movement that has selected the same date, May 21 of this year, on the basis of a number of Xian calculations, and they’re going around letting everyone in on the good news!


  1. Akiva, I think you should say that this Rav never mentions a date..he only indicated himself and per the mekubalim something is brewing as per the correspondence. "You notice all are careful NOT to mention a specific date or event. there are reasons........."

    Nor can I confirm these mekubalim themselves ever mention(ed) a specific date.

    Regarding 17 Iyar, the xtians are doing some weird calculations from Beresheit 7:11 -- 11. In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, on the seventeenth day of the month, on this day, all the springs of the great deep were split, and the windows of the heavens opened up" and their calendar mixed from some nonsense from their greek testament. They're always wrong.

    Regarding Rosh Chodesh Av, that is the Mincha Gedola theory that someone *self-interpreted* from the GR"A's writings. That's also not a direct source.

  2. I was being sarcastic in the above 2 anonymouses : I want to make it clear I believe definitely jc was very power ful but WAS NOT a god or the messiah , maybe most definitely the anti messiah ! I believe we as a people are in despair auto pilot mode though about all these messiah predictions of kabbalists and sages !We are in deep water and the waves are drowning us !

  3. After I wrote the above had a tremendous dream with the shechinah and the rebbe of chabad in a synagauge i was a young boy in the dream . Honestly your guess is as good as mine i dont know what hes waiting for our state as a people is in dire jeopardy . i wish in the dream i could express that . The only words that came through in the dream wewre leolam vaed then the shechinah came and i thought i had died ! i woke up and am sad .

  4. You may be interested to know that there are some Xtians who have come on the same date.


    Google "judgment day may 21, 2011"

  5. I can tell you right that Mashiach will not come on May 21 because this is Shabbat and Mashiach will not come on Shabbat. How do we know this? Well, the Gemara (Eruvin 43a-b) discusses someone who vows to be a nazir beginning on the day that Mashiach comes. Must he refrain from the activities prohibited to a nazir (e.g. drinking wine) immediately, in case Mashiach comes today? The Gemara rules that he may drink on Shabbos and holidays but not during the week -- because Eliyahu, who will precede Mashiach, will not disrupt our preparations for Shabbos and holidays by coming on the prior day. It seems clear from this Gemara that there are some days -- namely Shabbos and holidays -- on which Mashiach cannot come.

  6. the rebbe back in the day 91-94 crown heights I was there said mashiach can come on shabbat . Theres another gemara zohar and ramchal mashiach can only come in nissan , the rebbe always said this is our last momment of exile and our first momment of geulah oviousely as the tzaddik hador nullifying the gemara zohar and ramchal on the month of nissan being the only month of geulah !

  7. The Rebbe said may times that we will not go to the Holy Land on a plane, but rather on the Clouds of Glory. This is meant literally:

    It has been mentioned several times about what is explained in various places -- in the Rishonim and Achronim, etc. -- that Moshiach Tzidkeinu is able to come in the middle of Shabbos!...

    Since we are speaking about the true and complete Geulah -- it is understood, that this is not going to be in a way where on the day of Shabbos we are found in "Brooklyn", and after Shabbos goes out we board an "airplane", and travel several hours until we reach the Holy Land, Yerushalayim the Holy City, the Har Habayis and the Beis Hamikdash -- for this is not the true and complete inyan of "immediately", but rather in one moment "it hits you" that we are found in Yerushalayim the Holy City, on the Har Habayis and in the third Beis Hamikdash , together with Moshiach Tzidkeinu. (Parshas Re'eh, 5743)

    Very soon we will merit to the true and complete Geulah via Moshiach Tzidkeinu -- in a way of "Achishena" ("faster and faster"), "coming with clouds of Heaven" - a flight that is faster than the flight of an "airplane", because flying "with clouds of Heaven", with the "the Holy One's airplane" -- to our Holy Land, and there -- to Yerushalayim the Holy City, and there -- to the third Beis Hamikdash...which will be built speedily in our days mamash. (4 Tishrei, 5743)

    It is known the saying [of the Rebbe Rashab] that when Moshiach Tzidkeinu will come they will print about his coming in the "newspapers" ("gazetten") -- and so it will be for us that we will see in the "newspapers" of the nearest days that Moshiach Tzidkeinu came!... And all of us as one will fly as together with him in the "airplane of airplanes", "on clouds of heaven", in one moment -- to our Holy Land...there -- to Yerushalayim the Holy City...and there is found the house of the Kohen Gadol -- like the words of the Rambam in todays portion: "His home will be in Yerushalayim and he will not move from there", and there -- to the third Bais Hamikdash... (29 Elul 5744)

    [They try to rationalize that they need a new car to do their shlichus...] As regards me -- the entire concept of a new car is completely irrelevant to me, I don't recognize the concept! For me--an old car is also good, a car that through it many important matters were accomplished, etc., and consequently they can use it in the future, and particularly -- since immediately we will travel with "clouds of heaven"...and then they won't need a car! (R"Ch Iyar 5746)


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