Sunday, March 06, 2011

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Another Great Reason to Come Home Now

by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths


(It’s a little hard to see but) Israelis are shown to live longer than the residents of all but four countries in the world. This map shows the average life expectancy for all “Israelis,” of 80.7 years old, which includes Israeli-Arabs whose life expectancies are lower than Jewish-Israeli life expectancies. So, the Jewish-Israeli life expectancy is even higher than what is shown here.

(Reb Akiva adds…)

And these life expectancy statistics include deaths due to terrorism and war (showing that they are actually incredibly few – though a horrible tragedy each time).

Versus the U.S. per capita, Israel’s death profile is quite different…

…less heart attack.
…less cancer.
…less stroke.
…much less gun violence!
…less deaths due to smoking though Israeli’s smoke at a rate twice the U.S.!!?

…more death by car accident.
…more skin cancer.

Live longer…in the Holy Land.

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  1. All jokes aside, I'd love to hear Reb Akiva's opinion on dangers facing Jews in Israel now vs. Jews in America. What do you think the ramifications of declaring pa state are for the Jews living in Yesha (and elsewhere in Israel) are? What about when Egypt elects the muslim brotherhood and faces it's ARMY against Israel? Etc etc etc. Or, on the other hand, what are the dangers facing American Jews? I'd love to hear your cool minded opinion. But please, don't bring any modern day rabbis who say we're safe. We've heard them before the holocaust, and we've heard them before the disengagement. Nuf' said. Try to think Zev Zhabotinsky rather.


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