Monday, January 10, 2011


Video: The Ten Rememberences

a video by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

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  1. Crazy you know who....January 10, 2011 2:27 PM

    I need some clarification on destroying Amalek.

    First, who are the Amalekites - both historically and metaphorically?

    Second, if the Amalekites are still around, then HOW is Klal Yisrael suppose to destroy them, since they're obligated to do so?

    Third, will the destruction of the Amalekites result in the "completion" of HaShem Throne and Name?

  2. Dont you dare erase this. I sincerely believe this japanese zen monk is not just a friend but might be holy !Im unmarried as well is that my fault ?! ive meditated and have lofty dreams with different tzaddikim and yes God himself every week !

  3. Okay, I'll rephrase the questions.

    Does "Eradicate Amalek!" mean "Kill the Goyim!"...?

    In searching for an answer to that question, I came across the following helpful articles:

    It seems to me that the main weapon in this war against Amalek is emunah, which must replace safek.

    It seems to me that Jews and Non-Jews alike have a common cause -- to put our inner Amalek under foot.

    From whom can the Goyim gain the knowledge and skills to overcome Amalek? From the Y'hudim, of course!

    So, why is it that when I talk or write about this stuff ... I get silence or blank stares from Jews and Non-Jews alike?

    Maybe it's because this is common knowledge among the Jews or perhaps they just don't care to hear it repeated by a Noachide. And maybe the Non-Jews just don't get it and/or don't care.

    Either way, it sure does make a soul feel like a crazy loner. Sure would be nice to find that ever elusive sense of belonging that others seem to have. Oh well....

    And when will HaShem's Throne and Name be complete...? Hmmmm.... I wonder.... I really wonder....


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