Tuesday, January 18, 2011

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Once You Have Their Attention…

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by Reb Gutman Locks @ Mystical Paths

Yosef in Australia wrote:  

      Gutman, I am telling your stories to the boys in Camp Gan Israel in Melbourne. They love your stories. They are approximately 13 years old.

   Thank you again for writing your stories down, spreading the light.

Gutman’s answer:

     Tell them, that, especially if they have tefillin on, they should pray for the Jewish people all over the world, and certainly those of us in Israel. Tell them that G-d loves to hear His children’s prayers. Also, tell them that I want them to come to the Tefillin booth by the Kotel when they are in Jerusalem and help put tefillin on the soldiers.


    Once you have your audience’s attention, you can move them along. You can give them tools to help shape their lives, and lovely dreams to think about. These young boys are open to my suggestions because they enjoy the stories. It is a wonderful opportunity to move them along their spiritual journey.

    In these two or three short sentences I showed them the importance of tefillin, prayer for others, that G-d listens to children, and most of all…that even little kids can help. Now, they are imagining, “What is it going to be like when I bring a Jewish soldier over and put tefillin on him at the Kotel?”

     May they all fulfill their wonderful dreams, soon. And I hope we get a picture of it to show you, too.

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