Monday, January 03, 2011

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How To Read Mystical Paths

A little techie note for our readers.  Get and read Mystical Paths your way!  This means our articles can be delivered to you many different ways…you choose the one that works best for you.  When we publish a new article it’s automatically delivered all these different ways.

- The web site / blog.  You can read Mystical Paths at any time, including all past articles (our full 6 year history) at  or .

- By email.  Once a day our email service takes all new articles for that day and emails them to our email subscribers.  You can subscribe by email here (ad free) or here (with ads but more options).

- By Facebook.  Get our articles in your Facebook stream (updated every few hours), subscribe here.

- By MP3 / iPod / Zune / Audio.  Have our articles READ to you!  You can download them to your MP3 player, or into iTunes for your iPod or iPhone, right here (or listen to them here).  You can subscribe for regular audio updates as well.  Note though that the audio articles run about 5 days behind the text ones.

- On your Kindle.  Have a Kindle e-book reader?  Or the Kindle e-book reader program on your iPod, iPad, or laptop?  You can subscribe for the Kindle right here.  (Unfortunately Amazon does charge a small fee for this service, we selected the lowest price they allow.)

- By RSS / Google Reader / My Yahoo.  We publish a top notch RSS feed which can be used in any RSS service.  Here’s the RSS feed link, and here’s an auto-subscribe for Google Reader, and another for My Yahoo

- via Twitter.  We publish notice of new articles the moment they go up on our Twitter account, akivapaths. You can follow it here.

- via Google Friend Connect.  You can become a site friend and get updates via Google, click here.

That about covers it.  If anyone has any other new way they’d like to see Mystical Paths, let us know!  We’re happy to make it available YOUR WAY.


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