Monday, January 24, 2011

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Defense Projects from Bizzaro World


The IDF spokeperson’s blog reports on a new Israeli Defense Force strategic initiative to protect Israeli homes and civilians from war criminal rocket fire from Arabs of the Gaza Strip into Jewish civilian areas (including farms, schools, kindergartens, medical facilities, and homes…all classified as war crimes by the Geneva Convention).

The new strategic initiative?

"Launching the Strategic Security Forestation Project in Towns Surrounding the Gaza Strip".

The speaker, GOC Southern Command, Maj. Gen. Tal Russo, said of it: “…I was born into the strategic security forestation in the Hula Valley, which was then used to defend from Syrian shelling. ... The project …allows us to upgrade our mission of defending the southern communities with environmental benefits.”

idfprojectforestation2Now I am not a military man, so maybe someone can help me understand the benefit of tree saplings in defending from attacks by small and medium sized rockets???

In 5 years when these trees have grown they would help someone from being observed and targeted by SHELLING…but the enemy is using Google Maps and randomly targeting buildings without observation.

Perhaps the army is planning on the blessings of divine protection and providing trees to act such as the Holy Ceder of Safed (which ate a Katyusha during the Lebanon 2 war).

Or perhaps as we say tehillim (psalms) to Hashem the army has become infiltrated with druids and environmentalists who hold that the trees themselves will rise up and protect us.

Trees and forestation are a wonderful idea.  Many benefits for the environment and nation.  And strengthening the environment does have a long term national strength benefit.

But defending against rocket attack???  I don’t get it.

Some rely upon chariots and some upon horses (and trees???), but we rely upon and call out in the name of Hashem.

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  1. Trees and shrubs as defence devices against rocket and artillery attack

    Trees and shrubs can be an effective part of an overall defense strategy against rocket or artillery attack. By their very nature, trees and shrubs tend to obscure the line of sight. By obscuring the line of sight, the presence of large vegetation would inhibit the ease of enemy attack via shoulder fired rocket due to this obstruction. The presence of large vegetation would tend to bring a potential rocket assisted assailant towards the front, in order to see, and, thereby, expose the assailant to detection.

    Large vegetation is also very effective against incoming artillery fire. The large vegetation tends to absorb some of the blast and shrapnel. Even after the trees are “knocked down”, they still have the overall effect of muffling the blast concussion as well as some of the shrapnel.


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