Saturday, December 25, 2010


Who’s Birth Are You Celebrating?

A great brief article by Rabbi Aron Moss of the Nefesh shul in Bondi Beach, Australia.  I don’t know Rabbi Moss or the Nefesh shul, but I like this article!

Question of the Week:

As a believing Christian, I made a recent pilgrimage to the Holy Land. I was profoundly disturbed by the Jewish state and its criminal occupation of the West Bank. How can you justify usurping land that belongs to others?


You are entitled to your opinion on the matter. But I hope you are consistent in your beliefs. Being that you oppose a Jewish presence on the West Bank, I assume you will not be participating in any celebrations during the coming days. According to your view, there is no reason to be merry on December 25.

The Christian holidays celebrate an event that you have named a criminal act - the birth of a Jewish baby to a Jewish family living in the West Bank town of Bethlehem. Your views should not allow you to have any part in this cheer, for if you did you would be giving retroactive approval to a Jewish settlement on the West Bank that dates back more than two thousand years.

Perhaps you will be joined by the UN and other humanitarian organizations around the world condemning any celebrations this week that are connected with this controversial birth, as such events would be recognizing the rights of a Jewish family to live on what you see as occupied territory.

However I must warn you, by espousing this view and not celebrating, you will be vastly outnumbered. Not that it's so bad to be in the minority, I personally have been all my life. But keep in mind, while you accuse Israel of occupying land, there will be two billion Christians around the world celebrating the fact that the West Bank has always been the home of the Jewish people.


  1. Take it a step further, the historical Jew never actually taught goyim. It was after his death by the roman pagans that his Orthodox Jewish followers took the proto type of the 7 laws of Noah (which the rabbi's teach today) to the goyim in order that they purify themselves sufficiently to learn to live a Torah life. If they truly wanted to follow the historical Jew and not the pagan counterfeit lie named J-sus, they would immediatly abandon the birth day of the pagan g-d mithra on Dec 25 and follow the Torah holidays. They would know the entire land described in the Tanach would be under Jewish control as given to by haShem. It's not hard to learn truth, it's very difficult to abandon lies though.

    Oh, that would invalidate the other replacement theology also. Scary what the truth would bring.

  2. I do know Rabbi Moss: he's without doubt the most popular rabbi in Sydney, and you can see why.

  3. It is said that people who grow-up hearing lies will themselves become liars.

    I find myself agreeing with Shiloh and Rabbi Moss. Further, I cringed whilst reading the article on the Palestinian Watch Media website about what's-his-name being the first Palestinian martyr, which Arutz Sheva linked in a recent story about the PA.

    I don't know which is more absurd. The "alien what's-his-name from outer space" or the "X-tian what's-his-name" or the PA's version of what's-his-name.

    Seems like everyone's got their own pet version of this historical Jew. Honestly, I feel sorry for the guy. The cult of personality is a horrible thing to fall victim to; especially, when said cult is used as a pretext to victimize one's fellow countrymen!

    Personally, I don't think he was a rodef, but he's certainly been turned into one by his so-called followers in the Nations and their idiotic replacement theology.


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