Saturday, December 25, 2010

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imperfect-worldsGuest Article by Reb Gavriel Savin

Why aren’t you perfect?  Because you’re not supposed to be.  For reasons that only Hashem knows, everything is created imperfect.

From the very beginning HaShem created the world in a way that it could not withstand His light.  When the vessels burst from HaShem’s light, the klipot came into being.   This started the process that would give us reward and punishment by letting us choose between good and bad.  Our job is to rectify the world and bring it to perfection.

The Jewish nation was conceived in the greatest impurity.  Terach, Avrohoms father, forced his mother to have relations with him while she was a niddah.  Avrohom was clothed in terrible tumah, living in a house of tumah.  By rectifying himself he came to perfection.

The  giving of the Torah wouldn’t have been possible without Moshe Rabbainu.  Even now, every Jewish soul has a spark of Moshe Rabbainu in him to enable him to learn the Torah.  Moshe Rabbainu was born from a forbidden union.   Amram divorced his wife when Paroh started throwing the boys into the river. She remarried and had two sons.  Amram later remarried his wife even though such a union is forbidden by the Torah.  It was from such an imperfect union that the perfection of Moshe Rabbainu had to come from.

The perfected world that we all wait and pray for is brought about through Moshiach, who will be the product of many imperfect unions.  Rav Nachman says that Moshiach will not come from such a good Yichus.  The more perfection that is required the more imperfections it must go through.

The  only way to become perfect, is first to be imperfect.  If something starts out perfect, it really isn’t  perfect because it’s never gone from imperfect to perfect.  Lacking that transformation is a serious deficiency of perfection.  So the next time you find an imperfection in yourself, be happy, because now you are on your way to becoming perfect.

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  1. Who teaches that Moshe Rabbeinu was born of a forbidden union?????

    Whats your source ?????


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