Thursday, October 21, 2010

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From Kever Rochel

by Reb Akiva’s Wife @ Mystical Paths

The buses were packed with people preparing to visit the mother of Israel, Rochel Imaynu.  Every type of Jewish women packed together…a viznitzer chassidista, a kollel wife, a secular dressing Israeli Jew, many many others, and us two American Chabadnikot.  All preparing to visit Momma Rochel on this awesome day.

Some were saying tehillim (psalms), some were passing out sheets for those in need of brachot (blessings)…for healing, for a shidduch (marriage), for freedom from jail and persecution (Shalom Rubashkin and Jonathan Pollard were on the list).

As we drew closer the adrenaline began to run high.  Would it be a crush, a crowd control nightmare, a shoving match to the kever (tomb)?

On arrival people were rushing but crowd control was well in place and well designed.  Though there was A LOT of people and a lot of excitement, people were actually helping each other.  Helping a young mother keep her children nearby and together, passing sefer tehillims among each other, passing prayer sheets and requests around.

Make way, make room.  The ancient kever building is still there (surrounded by the new one), the women’s access is narrow and limited through the old main entrance.  But women were moving, making room, helping as someone disabled came in.  People were giving each other brachot (blessings) that their tefilot (prayers) should be answered.

As people were leaving the kever others were calling them over to join a tehillim group (if you pass out one psalm to 150 women coming by you finish the whole sefer tehillim in the merit of your prayer request in a few minutes) and no one said no.

People walked out with smiles of relief.  They shared their burdens with the Jewish people’s mother and prayed to their Father in Heaven, and surely Hashem will help.


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