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The Tzaddik HaDor

by Reb Nati at Mystical Paths

There is confusion regarding the idea of the Tzaddik Hador, the righteous leader of the generation. There are many tzaddikim, many righteous men, rabbis, teachers, and hidden ones. But there is only one tzaddik hador, and if we merit he becomes the Tzaddik Emet.

Tzaddik Emet is the soul of "Moshe - Moshiach", the redeemer. Throughout history there has been and only will be seven times, 7 gigulim of the neshomah (7 re-entries into this world of the essence of the soul) of Moshe Rebbaynu (Moses our Teacher), the soul of the Moshe Moshiach (Zohar Parshat Mishpatim and Ari Zal - Sha'arei Gigulim). These times have been: Moshe Rebbaynu (Moses our Teacher), some count Dovid HaMelech (King David), Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai (Rashbi), the Ari HaKodesh, the Baal Shem Tov, some count Rebbe Nachman of Breslev, some count the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson of Chabbad. We are presently waiting for the the last manifestation - in Moshiach.

(According to Breslev, Rebbe Nachman was 5th in this line. His Torah is the Torah of this, the last generation. He said his fire would burn until the Moshiach, and that Moshiach would be a decendant of his. See Chai Morahran, in English the books Tzaddik and Until Moshiach by Breslev Research Institute.)

But we were discussing the Tzaddik Hador. The last know widely accepted (by the majority of Jews) Tzaddik Hador was the Rebbe of Chabad.

Mordechai was the Tzaddik Hador in the time of the Purim story. Reb Nosson of Breslev teaches us some awesome details about this in Likutey Chalchot, hilchos Purim... The tzaddik hador is the most spiritually awake person alive. He not only has the ability to find and wake up the souls of Am Israel, he can if we help him. Can wake up the Divine presence. The Purim story is not just a story of Mordechai and Ester, but the story of the tzaddik HaDor and the Shechina, the Divine Presence. (More on this in a future post, Hashem willing.)

As the Zohar teaches us – everyone is against or afraid of the idea of there having to be a tzaddik. HaTzaddik, "THE" Tzaddik, HaDor - namely the Tzaddik of "THIS" generation. The Holy Zohar teaches (Zohar I, 28a): "Woe to the world for they do not provide help for the Shechina (Divine Presence) during the exile, or for Moshe (i.e. the Tzaddik), who is always with Her and never moves from Her… Moshe did not die. He is called Adam. Of Adam it is written (Bereishit 2:20), 'And Adam had no helpmate'. This applies to the last exile: Adam – the Tzaddik – has no helpmate. Everyone is against the Tzaddik".

May we all sincerely and wholeheartedly turn to Hashem in prayer and seek out, support and reveal the Shechina hidden within the exile along with Her helpmate 'HaTZaDDiK HaDoR' Amen.


  1. very interesting. I'm voting for more similar posts. Thx & Kol tuv

  2. Excellent, please elaborate. How do we move from being against teh Tzaddik to actually helping him to do his job?

  3. yafeh me'od reb akiva!

    how do we help?

    1. ahavas yisroel
    2. rachmones, gmilut chasadim toivim.
    3. lomed torah, learn torah with light
    4. daven from your heart for all of israel
    5. connect your prayers always to the tzadikim of the generation and to all of israel.

    the smallest kindness can help so much: a kind word, a smile, a word of appreciation or thanks. a warm word. these things are how we build the bes hamikdash:
    "olam chesed yibaneh" (ps. 89)
    the world is built with kindness

    more torah=more light
    more light=less darkness (i'm thinking of both the assimilated jews and those who are against us)...our light of torah, min hashamayim dispels all of this.

    lastly, the baal hatanya said a great thing: the purpose of human life is to create "dire b'tachtanim" a dwelling place in the lower world for the shechinah, the Divine Presence.

    any good thought, deed etc brings that in.

  4. sorry, it's "dira b'tachtanim"

  5. I dont understand something. If there will be 7 gilgulim of Moshe, and Breslev say Rav Nachman was number 5 and Moshiach will be number 7. Who is/will be number 6 (the Rebbe?) or doesnt it matter? I had assumed that under Breslev thought the meaning of the idea that the light of Rav Nachman would burn until Moshiach meant that there would be no other "Ztaddik of the Generation" until Moshiach?

  6. "The last know widely accepted (by the majority of Jews) Tzaddik Hador was the Rebbe of Chabad."

    What is the basis for this assertion? How were they counted? And does the majority opinion determine this (and that it your point of Mordechai, who was accepted by rov echav), or does Hashem/reality determine this? Are you saying that there cannot be a tzaddik haDor unless people widely accept him as such? Or that this is just a means of evidence for the identification?


  7. Josh your questions are so brilliant

    and make it very clear

    that unless one prove's the obvious

    from you they will hear

    you can put your head in a hole

    and question basic facts

    where exactly that gets you

    is very off the track

    I love you as my brother

    but please wake thee up

    dont bring amalek (gem. Safek) in here

    disguised as a groiser kup!

  8. ah. i see. and elvis is the latest tzaddik hador, appointed as such by Barack Hussein Obama himself. question this assertion as silly and you are bringing Amalek!



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